Jean-Carl Boucher: the effect “Tactik”

Jean-Carl Boucher: l’effet «Tactik»

Jean-Carl Boucher was still a teenager and his acting career began just when began the adventure of youth series Tactik, there are more than 10 years. But he is not ready to forget about the years to embody Diego Molina in a team where “there was always something magical”.

Not surprising when he says that many great friendships have taken shape and solidified during the filming of the six seasons. “To be able to have a daily program and be in almost all the episodes with her friends, and play friends in a series, it’s pretty fun. Every time we see each other, we hope to find the energy of the tea.”

Back appreciated

First aired on Télé-Québec, the fiction, where we follow the trials and tribulations of young players a soccer training joint has been taken over by the chain States TV. Thanks to this back in waves, the young Diego returned with the everyday life of viewers, to the delight of his interpreter.

“In the past few years, there had been a little “down” Tactik when I was walking in the street, but with it, it resumes, says Jean-Carl Boucher. There are people in the store who said to me, “hey Diego”. My God, it’s good to know that there is also another audience that can appreciate this series because I love what it has done, I am very proud of.”

The actor qualifies as a “big step forward” the idea that real children have received a vote of confidence in order to create the different characters.

“For a youth series, it revolutionized a bit of a trick because it was not adult of 30 years old who played youth 12 or 13 years old, but real young people who were playing.”

Despite a life experience limited, the actors were facing serious challenges, such as the responsibilities that come with their characters.

“We were 15 years old and we had discussions on what was the pattern to give to young people. It was quite ironic because we had 15 years ago. I think of it now and it makes me smile.”

Youth project

Linked to another series, Jean-Carl Boucher still has one foot in the universe tv youth. After having been warmly recommended by some of the authors of Tactik, it was approached as a director.

This time, however, it will not defend role. This period of his life, he does not feel the need to relive it in the spotlight.

“There are certain types of players and there are people that are made to it, that have this energy and that it is necessary to almost tell them to remove a log, but I’m not that type of comedian. I have the impression that direct, it may be more my thing.”

The third season of Tactik is broadcast on Us TV, Monday to Friday, at 17 h and 17: 30. The fourth will be aired this fall.

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