Jean-Michel Anctil in déconfinement: a project tele that has seen the light of day during the pandemic

Jean-Michel Anctil en déconfinement: un projet télé qui a vu le jour durant la pandémie

Although the pandemic has been to defer to the next year all of its theatre performances, Jean-Michel Anctil will may be found good in this crisis. The comedian has presented to TVA a concept tv that he has developed during the containment.

Last February, Jean-Michel Anctil playing in the room The Neighbors, which was then presented to Quebec. The show then had to go to Brossard for a week. But the COVID-19 has messed up all the plans.

“I had also started work on another drama in which I had to play in 2021, in conjunction with The Neighbors, “said Jean-Michel. Everything has been put on ice. And even when the shows are going to start again, I wonder if people are going to go in the room. “

The gala ComediHa! he had to co-host this summer in Quebec city, with Véronique Claveau, has also been postponed to 2021. “We had started to write the numbers. We had four to do. “

Because he wanted to continue to care during the confinement, Jean-Michel started to make videos live on Facebook every Friday evening. It is the humorist Ouellet, who had already made his first parties, who suggested he read for his fans.

“The first night, I read the text of my first show 24 years ago,” said Jean-Michel. I read for almost two hours. I ended up completely emptied. “

Over the weeks, he decided to invite friends stand up comedians for they read also of the numbers they had written. “It inspired me a concept tv that I presented to TVA,” said Jean-Michel. They really liked the concept and it has already passed several steps. We now expect the agreement to the level of the budget. I hope to have a positive answer this week, because it can even turn into a period of confinement. “

Careful, the comedian never goes to the grocery store without his mask.

On the small screen

Talking about small screen, Jean-Michel has had a few beatings of the heart, these last few weeks. “I liked The heads, “he said. I love to cook and I find that it is really a beautiful issue. There are, of culinary talent. I find that in Quebec, the kitchen has changed a lot. “

The series After Life, with Ricky Gervais, has also captivated. “I love his sense of humor deadpan crunchy. I love this side here, irreverent. “

Jean-Michel also consumes audio books, listen on especially during walks with his dog Wilcox. He listened to the detective novels of Jacques Côté, whose the narration is provided by Guy Nadon. “I’m surprised to walk outside and laugh sometimes very strong,” he said. In addition, it motivates me to return to walk because I want to continue the story. “

This summer should be pretty quiet for the actor, which does not travel. “If I make one, it will go to Quebec to see my parents that I haven’t seen since the Holidays. “

The suggestions of Jean-Michel Anctil

Tv series

  • The heads
  • After Life

Audio books

  • Clouds increasing late in the day
  • In the name of all of mine
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