Jean-Philippe Wauthier will return to the animation of “Two men in gold and Rosalie”

Jean-Philippe Wauthier will return to animating “Two Men in Gold and Rosalie


Jean-Philippe Wauthier will return, in the fall, to his seat as host on the show Two men in gold and Rosalie, alongside Patrick Lagacé, an accomplice in the early hours, and Rosalie Bonenfant, who has since joined the team. 

The host who had left his seat to Pierre-Yves Lord, in recent years, jumped at the chance to take it back on the announcement of the latter's departure.

“This is the biggest comeback since the < em>comeback of Elvis and the return to the game of Guy Lafleur with the New York Rangers”, underlined with fun Pierre-Yves Lord in a video announcing the return of Jean-Philippe Wauthier, shared by Télé-Québec Thursday.

“It's true that it's fashionable to bring back old things: A guy a girl, Little Life, are you telling me that Thank God is coming back next year?” he added jokingly.

Jean-Philippe will also be on the show on Friday evening. “What is fantastic with this relationship is that I gave birth to a child, I left it to PY to raise it and I pick it up when we receive the laurels”, a-t -he added in a playful tone.

Patrick, Rosalie and Pierre-Yves will also meet Léane Labrèche-Dor this week to talk about the new series High Demolition – the first of which is Thursday evening –, Marie Julie, a former Raelian, and comedian Erich Preach.

Two men in gold and Rosalie is presented on Friday, at 9 p.m., on the airwaves of Tele-Quebec.