Jegou and Auradou case: the young woman was raped and “savagely beaten”, according to her lawyer

Jegou and Auradou case: the young woman was raped and “savagely beaten”, according to her lawyer

Oscar Jegou et Hugo Auradou visés par une enquête pour agression sexuelle. MAXPPP

La jeune femme qui a mis en cause deux joueurs de l'équipe de France de rugby, a été violée et "sauvagement battue", affirme son avocate dans des interviews parues ce mercredi 10 juillet en Argentine.

"It's about a woman who was brutally beaten. The two men engaged in a violent beating. She is in a very bad condition, very mistreated, physically devastated", declared Me Natacha Romano to the Mendoza daily, El Sol.

The newspaper La Nacion reports an interview given to Radio Miter, where Me Romano denounces a rape and castigates "aberrant and degrading acts".< /em>

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"Although the most serious of these crimes is sexual violence with carnal access", the judicial definition of rape in Argentina, "the violence with which these two men acted was merciless", said the lawyer, referring to "physical injuries".

In comments reported by the Mendoza Post, Mr. Romano said again: "The main visible blow was a punch in the eye, there were also several blows to the head (…)", a she added. According to her, her ribs are being examined to see if there are "traces of fracture".

Both players deny "any form of violence"

In the same interview, the lawyer also stated that her client said she had been confined, prohibited from leaving the hotel room for four hours.

French rugby players Oscar Jegou and Hugo Auradou for their part "confirmed having had a sexual relationship with the young woman during the night but (…) firmly denied any form of violence", according to a press release Tuesday from the French Rugby Federation.

An investigation into sexual violence has been opened. In Argentine law, this can characterize facts ranging from sexual assault to aggravated rape.

The two players are expected on Wednesday in Mendoza, where the alleged attack took place during the night from Saturday to Sunday at the Diplomatic Hotel, where French players and staff were staying, in the hours following the victory (28-13) of the XV of France against the Pumas, in the first test match of the Blues tour.

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