Jenifer interrupts her concert to stop a fight

Jenifer interrompt son concert pour empêcher une bagarre

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Jenifer interrupts her concert to stop a fight

After the fan who asks him to remove his shorts, it was an altercation between several people present at the first rank who has interrupted the concert of Jenifer, this Saturday 16 November 2019 in Louvres (Val-d’oise). In anger, the singer has stopped singing, stepped in and gave the order.

Decidedly, this things happen at concerts from Jenifer ! Last August, while she was doing the show in Saint-Louis, in Alsace, the singer recadrait curtly a man who asked him to remove his shorts. An inappropriate remark as the singer of the simple Things was not appreciated and she did know. This Saturday, November 16, it was during her concert in Louvres, Val-d’oise, france, that there has been tension in the air.

Jenifer stops his concert because of a fight

And for good reason, the coach of The Voice has had to stop singing because of several people who fought in the first rank. No need of a security agent, she is even intervened to try to restore order : “Wait a minute, we will calm down for two seconds”, she started, adding “It’s not going to happen like that. At all. The one as the other. The basis is respect. We will respect everybody.” Having trouble believing it, it ensures that “this is the first time that it (he) arrives in 18 years of career” : “It is a crazy thing. I am sorry for all of the world”.

“It’s not going to happen like that. At all.”

The origin of the fight, the people standing that hindered people in a sitting position, according to one of the spectators who attacked… Fortunately the calm is soon income and Jenifer was able to continue his concert in an atmosphere, unfortunately, less relaxed than at the beginning.

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