Jennifer Aniston: excessive sport has harmed her health

Jennifer Aniston: Excessive exercise has harmed her health


Jennifer Aniston considers having “broken her body” with the sport. The Friends actress confessed that she had exhausted herself from constantly indulging in punishingly intense workouts. 

“When you're in that mindset where you're like, 'I need to do 45 minutes of cardio or I won't have had a good workout,' it's intimidating,” the 54 star explained. years. I believed in it for so long. I got exhausted and broke my body.”

She revealed that her psychotherapist gave her a Barbie doll “covered in Kinesio tapes” to “show all the injuries” she had suffered over the past 15 years.

The 'Polly and Me' actress says she traded her high-impact workouts for a less intense at-home workout regimen with fitness brand Pvolve, which she's now partnered with.


In an interview for “Cosmopolitan”, she explained what inspired her to always be on top of her game. “Once an agent mentioned that I was a little chubby, chubby. Anyway, I became a lot more mindful of not eating, like, egg salad sandwiches and tuna sandwiches and fries and gravy and all the things that I ate all the time when I was a teenager, she explained. And then I got really addicted to sports, mindful eating and healthy foods, which change every year. It's constantly changing: what's best for you, what's good for you, what's not good for you. And then you're like, 'Oh, now it's not good for you anymore? So what's good for you?'' You're just trying to keep up.”