Jennifer Aniston, Selena Gomez, Kylie Jenner… the pictures are mine that have been liked on Instagram in 2019

Jennifer Aniston, Selena Gomez, Kylie Jenner... les photos les plus likées sur Instagram en 2019

Jennifer Aniston, Selena Gomez, Kylie Jenner… Top 10 of the pictures are mine that have been liked on Instagram in 2019

Bad news, neither your picture of your cup of cocoa in front of the fireplace, nor that of your kitten who fights against the garlands and the christmas tree are not a part of the posts the more likés on Instagram. On the contrary, the Top 10 of 2019 is reserved for stars such as Jennifer Aniston, Selena Gomez or Kylie Jenner.

This is the question that nobody asked it until today but it was still the answer : what is the photo the more likée on Instagram in 2019 ? And for once, this is not a Kardashian or a pop star at the head of such a classification, but an ex-friends.

Jennifer Aniston always at the top

Thus, after beating a first record this year by opening its account in Instagram (it has reached one million subscribers in less than six hours), Jennifer Aniston is also the Instagrameuse who has collected the most hearts thanks to one of its posts. And not just any.

Remember, the interpreter of Rachel in the famous comedy of the 90’s there unveiled a selfie (very bad quality !) the sides of all his ex-partners, namely : Courteney Cox, Matt Leblanc, Matthew Perry, Lisa Kudrow and David Schwimmer. What to play on the nostalgia of 15 457 000 fans and give us a hope of reunion official on-screen…

A nice podium

On the side of the rest of the classification, it is Dwayne Johnson, who ranks 2nd with his wedding photo with Lauren Hashian (14 684 000 like), while Selena Gomez really gets on the last step of the podium with beach photos taken on the occasion of a burial of life of young daughter of a friend (14 543 000 like).

Kylie Jenner ubiquitous

Selena Gomez that can be found in 4th position, also thanks to a photoshoot in Italy (14 525 000 like), then followed by 5 times (!) by Kylie Jenner, either by being bare buttocks with Travis Scott (14 016 000 like), disguised as Captain Marvel (13 667 000 like), in wishing the birthday of Travis Scott (13 307 000 like) or by putting forward his daughter Stormi the snow (13 451 000 like) and disguised… in itself (12 883 000 like). Note, however, that the 9th place is awarded to the selfie of Tom Holland and Robert Downey jr took to celebrate the carton of the Avengers Endgame at the cinema (13 278 000 like).

We don’t know if this info will really serve you in life, but they may still save you during a future family meal, endless !

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