Jennifer Lawrence returns to cinema after a long break

This year the audience will also see Lawrence in the film “X-Men: Dark Phoenix”

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Дженнифер Лоуренс возвращается в кино после длительного перерыва

Jennifer Lawrence

Hollywood actress Jennifer Lawrence, who recently got engaged with her lover, long time did not appear in the movie. Of course, this year we will be able to see her in the new superhero blockbuster “X-Men: the Dark Phoenix”, where he again will play the role of Mystic.

However, it was reported that the actress, has received worldwide recognition for hard drama, will likely come back to this genre, says Deadline. It is reported that Lawrence signed on for a role in a drama project, whose name is still unknown. And information is not too much.

It is noted that in the Director’s chair is a theatre Director, Leela, Neugebauer which will remove the scenario Elizabeth Sanders. Shooting will start in June this year in New Orleans.

The project is financed A24 and IAC Films. Release date is still unknown.

Earlier, Jennifer Lawrence had told the truth about the sex with Harvey Weinstein. Also, the actress shared the secrets of harmony and beauty, although she admitted she doesn’t like to makeup.

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