Jennifer Lopez – 50! The most interesting facts of life star beauty

The iconic singer celebrates anniversary

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Дженнифер Лопес - 50! Самые интересные факты из жизни звездной красотки

Jennifer Lopez

Popular American singer and actress Jennifer Lopez today, July 24, marks the anniversary. Looking at this beauty, it’s hard to believe she turns 50 years old! No wonder this year it received official status as style icon after her appearance and physical shape can only envy.

Jennifer Lopez has set a wedding date with Rodriguez. Details in the story:

Incredible charisma, great voice and perfect beauty – this symbiosis qualities helped Lopez to succeed and become one of the most recognizable singers on the planet. In honor of the anniversary of the artist Today.Lifestyle has prepared for you the most interesting facts from the life of a star.

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1. The famous singer in addition to J. Lo have other nicknames Lola, Bella and La Lopez. And at a young age, Lopez because of the wide hips and narrow waist peers called “La Guitarra” (guitar), and due to the explosive nature of “Fuego” (fire).

2. After graduation, Jennifer Lopez worked as a sales assistant in a perfume shop.

Дженнифер Лопес - 50! Самые интересные факты из жизни звездной красотки

Jennifer Lopez

3. Jennifer once went to jail. The culprit was a shootout staged at that time her lover is the richest rapper in the world puff daddy. The police detained the car in which the singer tried to flee the scene, but after interviewing J. Lo was released, and he appeared in court.

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4. Debut album “On the 6” Lopez called to the honor of the subway route, on which she gets to school.

5. For her role in the film “If the mother in law – a monster” in 2005, the celebrity received $ 15 million, making it one of the highest paid Hispanic Actresses in Hollywood.

6. In 2007, the star hit the top twenty richest women in all of show business by Forbes.

Дженнифер Лопес - 50! Самые интересные факты из жизни звездной красотки

Jennifer Lopez

7. Lopez never insured her buttocks for a million dollars. This rumor was actively spread in the media a few years ago. On the show James Corden, the singer made it clear that it is a lie.

8. For several years in the backstage of the pop star does not change the same condition to all premises, where there will be a singer (hotel and dressing room) was white roses and lilies, which should be changed every three days. By the way, in 2012, j-Lo came to the concert in Kiev and in the list of its requirements was also provided the flowers.

Previously we wrote about the fact that Jennifer Lopez, who got engaged to businessman Alex Rodriguez, has pleased fans of unusual interviews. The star candidly spoke about pregnancy, birth and motherhood of their own children.

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