“Jenny Sauro”: humility celebrated

«Jenny Sauro»: l’humilité célébrée

The artist and author Marc Séguin was published on Wednesday, her new novel titled “Jenny Sauro”. A work through which he follows the daily life of a young woman of 36 years old in its concerns, its hopes and its measurement in the face of a life limited by death.

“The book is a lot of emphasis on the present, on the fact that it is necessary to live now,” explains from the outset, Marc Séguin. And Jenny saw it, when she has the taste of eating fresh vegetables, when she makes the effort to hide the night so that they wouldn’t freeze in those daily gestures-there.”

Jenny Sauro is the mother of a young boy, the daughter of a loving father and devoted, a waitress in a restaurant in the small village of North Nation, who constantly seeks the pathways to a life that is happy and worthy, tossed about between his doubts and his dreams. Far from clinging to a great ideal, she manages to go through the existence and its accidents in pulling all the richness of what makes up the detail of the days and sweets that are common.

“It is an amalgam of several people, of multiple identities, of the people I know left and right,” continues the author, when asked about what inspired him this character. It is also an ideal of life, because I think that she lives really close to the sidewalk, flush to the ground. This is not a glorious life; she made a choice, but there is something in the tenderness or feelings for his father, for his son, which makes it very earth.”


At the same time in this life humbly, a touch of magic and mystery emerges from time to time through the reflections of the young mother of a family, like a light that runs throughout the novel.

“There is one half of my head that tells me “no, it doesn’t exist”, but I read my horoscope every day, says Marc Séguin. It remains that part-where I tell myself that it is necessary that there is something more. I love these invisible threads, and I think it defines us too. I couldn’t be just a scientist who looks at life through a microscope. It would be something else.”

Jenny Sauro is not larger than nature, as it is fashionable to say, to define some of the fictional characters. In his dreams sometimes disappointed as through his relationships difficult, it takes the perfect measure of the earth. Its pleasures, it can be found in the vagaries of everyday life, the bitterness and the hardness do not alter the sugar unveils the detour of weeks, without notice.

“Jenny Sauro” is a novel of love, friendship and sorrow. A novel of lucidity in the face of what life can offer, as far as mysteries in the face of what she chooses to keep to herself.

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