Jérôme Couture seeks to conquer the English-speaking market

Jérôme Couture seeks to conquer the English-speaking market


Jérôme Couture has a new identity to conquer the English-speaking market: Jay Kutcher. His first song, Another You, will be officially launched on Friday.

“I found my Vocal X”, launches the one we will now follow under the artist name Jay Kutcher.

Jérôme Couture in no way denies his Quebec identity or the pop music world he comes from. It's just that the singer we met ten years ago at La Voix no longer felt he belonged in the world of pop. 

“I had lost the flame to release things for myself. I no longer felt like I was legit in the pop side. With this project, my guts are on the table and my voice is put forward,” he explains. 

He admits that the negative comments on his latest pop projects have hurt him and that the pandemic shutdown – during which time he became a father twice – allowed him to take a step back to question what he had. really want to deliver as music. 

A break

In addition to creating a break with his pop past, the name Jay Kutcher allows him to sing in English and hope to break into the new country market. The 38-year-old singer is thinking of the rest of Canada, the United States and internationally where he has had “a few missed dates”. 

He also wants to move to the country of Uncle Sam possibly, with his children and his spouse, the actress Frédérique Dufort.

“I feel so free, continues the singer. It's an independent album, we did everything ourselves. We decided to take this bet and it is also a family project, everyone around me is putting energy into this project. » 

This six-song EP will be released next fall. 

Jay Kutcher has made three trips to Nashville where he has worked in the studio with Quebec director Danick Dupelle (Matt Lang). He met several singer-songwriters there, in addition to perfecting his English. The singer praises the positive energy as well as the sharing in the creation that he finds in the world of new country music. 

“I want to remain authentic in that, specifies the artist who is inspired by Australian singer Keith Urban. I had great feedback from people in Nashville and English Canada. People in the industry tell me that I have a beautiful voice, which I have never been told before. I hope to become a figure of the new country in Quebec.

He also wants to continue writing for other artists, and hints at future collaborations with recent Star Académie participants.