Jerry Heil noticed in a dress with ostrich feathers – what a singer-vegan wear it?

Jerry Heil заметили в платье со страусиными перьями - зачем певица-веган надела это?

Jerry Heil

today, 14:18

In edition Know.ia the letter from our reader, in which he saw the singer, a popular blogger and finalist of national selection for Eurovision Jerry Heil (real name – Jan Shamaeva) in a dress with ostrich feathers.

In the entertainment program “Who’s on top,” the New channel, which went live at the end of December 2019, Jerry actually appeared dressed in such a dress.

Jerry Heil заметили в платье со страусиными перьями - зачем певица-веган надела это?

Jerry Heil and Eugene Klopotenko, the frame of “Who’s on top.”

Know.ia appealed to the artist who has positioned himself as a vegan, to comment on the situation.

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Jerry, I would like to hear your opinions about this case. Perhaps we written not a hater, but the person who misunderstood your position. How the song for Eurovision VEGAN and your life are connected?

I may have my milk from a mug to drink? Everything can be (smiles). But seriously to answer, first, Yes, I have a dress with ostrich feathers, and Yes, I am a vegan not only in song and in life. How so?

Start with the fact that six months ago, though I am no longer eating meat, but the skin wore. Consciousness is changing gradually, I’m not forcing because we, the people, are run by habits. Want to do something with your lifestyle- vyrabotal habit.

Jerry Heil заметили в платье со страусиными перьями - зачем певица-веган надела это?

Jerry Heil

That is, at the time when I first tried the dress on, I’m not really aware of what was happening. But designer are all well aware, so in good conscience tell you to wear these feathers are environmentally friendly and they are gathered “from the earth”. Ostriches are cleaning cycles from the extra tail. What they dropped, and uses the brand Omelya T-DRESS.

Your wardrobe is always very bright, in which, if you want to, you can find something to complain about. You buy and select their own clothes? Pay any attention to the composition?

Getting used to a more conscious life is going on in my gradually. I never hid it. I’m not ashamed to say in stories that I forgot the bag in the store, and come with the plastic package. Not a shame, because it’s true: I’m learning, and show that if it were not, the main thing is to keep trying and once it will get used!

Same with clothes: I have in the cupboard mountain “results” hasty purchases. What they do now? The best thing you can do is to give them the longest life, to give, if you do not wear.

Once the world didn’t know that it will be possible to recycle the plastic. Hopefully soon we can recycle things made from polyester.

Jerry Heil заметили в платье со страусиными перьями - зачем певица-веган надела это?

Jerry Heil

Such claims with some mistakes and inconsistencies have been received to your address? How do you react?

Respond adequately. If people clearly reacting to something, it means he is sick. So our people are not indifferent to ecology. And so I have a lot to learn.

Recall that Jerry Heil was one of six finalists of the national selection for Eurovision with the song 2020 Vegan. The name of the representative of Ukraine at the Eurovision song contest will be known on Saturday, February 22.

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