Jerry Heil said, what “morsels” on the stage of national selection on Eurovision 2020

Jerry Heil рассказала, от чего "мурашилась" на сцене Нацотбора на Евровидение 2020

Jerry Heil

today, 19:16

The famous Ukrainian singer, blogger and now a finalist in the National selection for Eurovision 2020 Jerry Heil made some conclusions after his performance in the first semifinal, so we decided to change room for a song VEGAN. In the final of national selection, which will be held on February 22, viewers will see something new from the star.

She told about it to the correspondent Know.ia.

Jerry Heil рассказала, от чего "мурашилась" на сцене Нацотбора на Евровидение 2020

Jerry Heil

“I read almost all comments where possible. It’s very hard and sometimes painful, but this is the case when you read and understand: “Soooo, you’re right, all right.” Even a little aggressive someone wrote, I wanted to feel the essence and, probably, felt. Less is more,” said Jerry Heil.

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The singer admitted that he really expected from the audience and many fans of the slightly higher rating in the first semifinal. Recall that Jerry Heil got 7 points from the jury and 6 points from the audience. A maximum score of 8 points received KRUТЬ.

Jerry Heil рассказала, от чего "мурашилась" на сцене Нацотбора на Евровидение 2020

The first semi-final of national selection for Eurovision 2020

“I realized during the performance that I’m not completely happy with them. So I don’t feel some kind of injustice, really very grateful for such a cool lesson,” – said the star.

Speech Jerry Heil in the first semifinal of the national selection with the song Vegan

Danilko, when evaluated the performance of Jerry Heil, he noticed that the song VEGAN didn’t surprise him, but at Eurovision it is necessary to impress. In addition, in his opinion, the young generation does not know how to “swing” the audience.

Jerry Heil рассказала, от чего "мурашилась" на сцене Нацотбора на Евровидение 2020

Jerry Heil, the frame of the national selection

“His opinion is very important to me, confessed Jerry. – When he said, I’m all inside morsels from the truth. There’s not enough drive, because I was not very comfortable in this children’s tale. And you know what’s funny? That I came up with it all, imposed to the whole team, and then realized that went too far. And wonderful! I tried and I learned – go ahead. It is important to know who you are and each time try increasingly clear to broadcast it.”

Recall that the final national selection for Eurovision 2020 will take place on Saturday, February 22. To watch the live broadcast will be on the STB and NTU, as well as on the YouTube channel.

To performing artists will be in this order:



  • Go-A

  • David Axelrod



In addition, in the final sing Jamala, Tina Karol and Verka Serduchka.

Previously Jerry Heil explained Know.ia, why put on a dress with ostrich feathers, if you became a vegan.

Jerry Heil also admitted Know.ia, if she feared criticism.

We will add that one of the finalists selection for the Eurovision song contest this year was the husband of Alena Brain David Axelrod. Read what the singer said Know.ia about his competition song.

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