Jerry Heil showed the song for Eurovision: about our mentality there are a lot of stereotypes

Jerry Heil показала конкурсную песню для "Евровидения": о нашем менталитете существует много стереотипов

Jerry Heil, photo Іnstagram

today, 22:49

The semi-finalist of the National selection for Eurovision 2020 Jerry Heil, which recently was intrigued by a track for national selection “Eurovision-2020”, the Ukrainians stunned the full version of the song “VEGAN”.

The singer is actively preparing for his performance and is still finalizing the song, which promises to provide day by day to a wide audience.

So, on your YouTube channel star posted a lyric video to #VEGAN with the Ukrainian translation.

“Where to get protein? Where do you get B12? Man is a predator, m without meat you can’t!” My song #VEGAN I wrote to participate in the national selection of Eurovision 2020!”, says in the caption.

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According to the artist, it was written two months before VOGUE UKRAINE in the article written about the fact that 2020 is officially declared the year of the Vegan! Coincidence?

Jerry Heil показала конкурсную песню для "Евровидения": о нашем менталитете существует много стереотипов

Jerry Heil (Jan Semapa), photo: Know.ia

“What song as a viewer I always wanted to put on the Euro? For me as a man who sends his valuable text for attendee-favorite, the competition is a way of communicating with other people! And I so wanted to always show that on our mentality there are many stereotypes — and many of them are not true! We are stylish, we are open, we are tolerant and we still keep up with the times! This is the actual idea of my track and the numbers on the Eurovision song contest!💚🐼 And what about protein — my proteins are clearly visible to everyone, when I roll my eyes listening to these questions”, – concluded the epic performer.

“You will forgive me? I lied, it turns out. Himself🙉
Installation of a lyric video #VEGAN still Montagues🐝 so, Maxim with @mozhem_production that sculpts, there’s one more sleepless night! But the good news: there will be words ENG, and the translation! To do in a short time, apparently my style. Pam don’t even remember when was it otherwise🐸”, – she wrote in his Instagram.

Recall Assol told that a long time doing in England, but only began in Ukraine.

As reported Know.ia MARUV only in a tattered dress gave a hot photo shoot in the middle of the jungle night.

Know.Eeyore wrote, afraid Jerry Heil critics and failed to sing live to the nation selection: exclusive recognition of the singer.

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