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The author of the hit “Protection of otmena” moonlighting photographer

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Jerry Heil рассказала, как заработала первые 80 гривен

Jerry Heil

Ukrainian singer and the author of the hit “Protection of otmena” Jerry Heil frankly told Today.Lifestyle about how much he earned in fifteen years and attracted in addition to music.

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Recalling his youth, the 24-year-old star of the Ukrainian show-business told how to start to earn their first pocket money. And, oddly enough, the music here does not and! When Sameway Yana (real name of singer – ed.) was fifteen years old, the father of the girl bought a professional camera for the fabulous price. At that time Ian was already involved in music, but she had a burning desire to try yourself in the role of photographer.

First shoot the future star was doing to their friends in Vasilkov, where she came from. One hour of its work Jan then earned 80 UAH. Over time, creative hobby artist stepped aside and she was asked to sing in one of the institutions of his native city for 100 hryvnia.

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“My first earnings – 80 UAH. My father was a failsafe in all my requests, I begged him, at the time a very expensive camera and said they wanted to be a photographer. I was 15 and I learned to manipulate photos. Actually, the first photo shoot I was doing for 80 hryvnia per hour. Later in one of the institutions Vasilkova I was paid 100 hryvnias for performance, as the singer,” recalls Jerry Heil.

Jerry Heil рассказала, как заработала первые 80 гривен

Jerry Heil

In the performances of Ian gained experience and worked hard in music, wrote songs and developed voice. Not without requests of relatives who were asked to perform for free at weddings. After she released the song “Protection of otmena” and became recognizable, she was offered to play for $ 800. By the standards of Ukrainian show-business is a small amount, but for Yana it was the first serious earnings.

Jerry Heil рассказала, как заработала первые 80 гривен

Jerry Heil

“My relatives constantly asked me to perform at weddings. This, I believe, also corporate events, and of course, me nobody paid. But I save on gifts. Then, after the release of the song “Protection, otmn”, I was invited to speak at the wedding, and it was only the first days success. I didn’t know what price should be set, and then I paid $ 800. By the standards of show business is enough, but for me it was very good money”, – admitted the singer.

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