Jerry Heil will sound in “From Tomboy to lady”, the song is already in the network

Jerry Heil зазвучит в "Від пацанки до панянки", песня уже в сети

today, 18:20

One of the most popular Ukrainian singers Jerry Heil wrote a song for a project on New channel “From Tomboy to lady”. It became the soundtrack of the new season.

“We wanted a soundtrack for the season, wrote a very modern artist, because our participants are teenage girls. The song must be close to them, plus, like the audience, – says the head of the project Dmitry Babenko. – Immediately thought about Jerry Heil. When offered cooperation Yana (real name singer – approx.ed.) I heard in response: “of Course, let’s try.”

Jerry Heil зазвучит в "Від пацанки до панянки", песня уже в сети

The creation of the track from Jerry Heil had gone quite some time. And the song is the same piping as the history of “Palanok”.

“I saw the business cards of the participants and really got into their stories, – told the artist the New channel. The first verse I wrote very quickly. Then he went to rest, digest the information, reread the questionnaire and added the second verse. I admire “pacanime” – they decided to change their lives, and made it a first but very important step for the project. I really wanted to help them.”

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Jerry Heil зазвучит в "Від пацанки до панянки", песня уже в сети

The singer even came to the shooting of the project, met with participants of the project and even shared with the girls their experiences.

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We will remind, show, “From Tomboy to lady” showed the first participants.

As reported Know. ua participant “From Tomboy to lady” forced to survive the difficult memories again.

Also Know As. ua wrote that in the new season “From Tomboy to lady” participants will stand the test of cemetery and beyond.

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