Jessica (Marseille Asian Tour) reveals a “Fake”, a single where… she raps

Jessica (Marseille Asian Tour) reveals the single “Fake”… in which she raps !

In addition to reality tv, Jessica house, Asian Tower on W9 also makes music under the name of Mazellange. In her new sound “Fake”, it just came out, the candidate sings and raps. A title of which the words, which clashent the stars who are addicted to social networks, have much greater value to users.

“I’m too happy”

You have known in The Princes and Princesses of love 2 before it arrives in Marseille, the Asian Tour, always on W9. Jessica has sown havoc in the couple are Kevin Carla, but since that time, the candidate reality tv show is dedicated especially to the music. On his account Instagram, she has even showed off with pride his new single, entitled “Fake”, to listen on multiple platforms streaming such as Spotify, Apple, Music, Deezer and TIDAL. A new single that also marks the arrival of his artist name : Mazellange.

“I’m too happy” -she delighted in the post. With lyrics, Jessica lance for example : “You’ve spent too many hours on your as you can even more you separate”, “I don’t care about having a nice feat as I have a lovely life in true” or “You take all the time snapper of your life but don’t forget to live in the true”. As for the sounds, they are urban. And the beautiful brunette raps, even at certain moments on a “Fake”.

Users kiffent

In the interview for PRBK, Jessica had entrusted to prepare the titles : “Here, I have some projects in the music, I want to go abroad”. As for reality tv, it does not exclude it for much of his career. “Let’s just not that it has to come to alter my life,” she confided, “but if I am available, why not. The doors are not closed”.

His fans are loving his work. Surprised by the quality of the song “Fake”, they have admitted to having been amazed and dig his voice as well as the text : “to be honest not bad at all I expected not”, “I listen to every day”, “I really love you”talent, “The lyrics are really cool”, “Beautiful voice”, “This is the strike your new sound”, “I thought it was going to be in the image you references of bimbo in The Marseillais ben is just the opposite of kudos to you”.


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