Jessica Thivenin, in tears, gives news of his son Maylone after his operation

Jessica Thivenin into tears, she gives news of his son Maylone

A week after the birth of Maylone on October 7, Jessica Thivenin out of the silence this Monday 14 October 2019 on Snapchat. In tears, the wife of Thibault Kuro, and any young mother returns to the operation that has had to endure their son after his birth, and give news of the baby.

The October 7, 2019, Jessica Thivenin gave birth to her son, Maylone. But what was supposed to look like a moment of happiness has turned into a time of intense stress for Thibault Kuro and her. And for good reason, there has been some complications and the little boy had to be operated in an emergency. Since then, the two candidates of reality tv are removed from the social network and gave no news (except via Carla Moreau)… until today.

Jessica Thivenin in tears

On Monday 14 October 2019, it is in tears that the young mom took the floor on Snapchat to tell what happened. “I gave birth, I was able to wear my son a few seconds in the arms. I was very quickly removed because it has had a problem. He had an atresia of the esophagus. The hose through which he had to eat was not trained, it was missing a centimeter. So the food was not going in his stomach, he could not feed. It was connected to the lungs. I have a little culpabilisé because I told myself that I had badly-trained my baby while I had stopped smoking, I didn’t drink, I paid attention to what I ate. I felt bad, I had the impression that the world was crumbling”.

“It was the worst day of my entire life”

While she was still bedridden, he had to be transferred the same evening, in another hospital, accompanied by Thibault : “Thibault accompanied him until the end. I had to stay in the hospital where I had given birth so it was very hard for me to be separate.”, confesses Jessica Thivenin, who appears emaciated and tired. Fortunately, the operation went well : “They operated on Thursday, it was the worst day of my entire life. It was super long, it lasted 4-5h. But it has been very strong and today it goes well. He still has tubes everywhere, but the operation went well. Thibault, it has never had her son in her arms again. It has been hard. (…) After three days under morphine, he woke up late yesterday evening. It’s going to go, our son is handsome, he is kind, he is beautiful”. We wish them much courage and it is hoped that they will soon be able to all 3 go home, by ten days.

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