Jessica Thivenin mom : she gives news of his son Maylone from its choking

Jessica Thivenin mom : the candidate of reality tv gives news of his son Maylone who had a near death

On December 10, 2019, Maylone had a near death by suffocation. The mom has thus given a new baby to its followers on Snapchat. Jessica Thivenin has in effect brought his son to the hospital with Thibault Garcia to check that everything was fine since this painful episode.

“You get out of the hospital”

Jessica Thivenin and Thibault Garcia had got the fright of their lives when their son was close to death by choking on December 10, 2019. The young mother who had been criticized after the hospitalization of Maylone was given the news of the baby in his story Snapchat. In fact, currently on vacation in Marseille in the south of France to spend the Christmas holidays with the family, the couple decided to go to the hospital. As well, parents have been able to check with a doctor about how their child is recovering from the recent choking.

“You get out of the hospital,” announced Jessica Thivenin, before indicating that “all is well”. Despite this event a few days ago, their son Maylone will therefore once again be very well the level of health. A very good news !

Jessica Thivenin admit that it was more simple in France

The candidates of reality tv have been reassured to see that their son is better. And most importantly, Jessica Thivenin and Thibault Garcia have also preferred to see a doctor in France rather than in Dubai, in order to understand in French what he had to do to continue to care for their baby : “We met a doctor who explained everything to us in French. It was not easy to understand what is said to us in English, in Dubai. There, it was truly all inclusive. We know everything and we are going to follow our Maylone”. After the end of the year celebrations, one of the figs emblematic of Marseille will therefore be able to leave more quiet with her husband and the fruit of their love in their home in Dubai.

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