Jets c. Canadian: Winnipeg in the heights of the NHL

Jets vs. Canadiens: Winnipeg in NHL Heights


The Winnipeg Jets are one of the hottest teams in the NHL. After a start to the season where they were saved by the performances of their goalkeeper Connor Hellebuyck, the Manitoba team did not have any other areas of turbulence.

We talk a lot about consistency when it comes to Pierre-Luc Dubois. This is also true for the Jets. They played for over .500 in the first three months of the season.

Then they started 2023 by winning six of their first seven games. If we go back a little further, the troop of Rick Bowness has won eight of its last nine meetings. 

Sufficient performance to climb to first place in the Central Division of the Western Conference . As of this writing, they have the same number of points as the Dallas Stars (59). 

A stark contrast to last season, when the Jets were disappointing in many ways. 

“We have a good team,” said Pierre-Luc Dubois. In the bedroom, there was no doubt that it was. 

“As a group, we realized that if things are not going well, it can go downhill very quickly. The race for the series is difficult. At some point, you realize you have 20 games left and you have 2% to make the playoffs.

“Last year, when we started to have difficulties, we were not able to stop our descent. This year, we arrived with more confidence. 

“We knew what a good team we had and we wanted to prove it to everyone.”

< strong>A Norris in the bedroom?

Good teams all have a good quarterback. The Jets, for their part, can count on Josh Morrissey, who represents one of the great surprises in the NHL. 

Morrissey is having the best season of his career with 48 points in 44 games. He has a +11 differential and four game-winning goals. At this rate, he has a very good chance of being a contender for the Norris Trophy as best defenseman. 

Josh Morrissey

“I don't know what he eats, but he knows a whole season, explained Dubois. Josh is a very important player on, but also off the ice. He can do anything on the ice.

“We don't have a captain this year. He is one of the players who took part of the leadership. He's a leader every night.”

The Bowness Method

This excellent season coincides with the arrival of Rick Bowness and a new group of coaches in place. Bowness, an experienced hockey man, has tidied up the shack since his arrival.

Nothing spectacular. An efficient system in which its best players seem comfortable. Dubois, Morrissey, Kyle Connor and Mark Scheifele are happy as fish in water. The current successes of the Jets demonstrate this well. 

“With the season we had last year, a coach could come in with two visions. He could arrive in panic mode and we had the obligation to have a good season. 

“Rick arrived rather with a calm attitude. He knew we had a good team if we worked on our system and the little details. He had no stress when he arrived at camp. 

“Among his methods, he showed us footage from last year where we were doing good things at games . These little things calmed the players down and it made us realize that we could have a good season.”

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