Jewelry appropriated in two pawnshops Montreal

Des bijoux subtilisés chez deux prêteurs sur gages de Montréal

A man who allegedly stole jewelry from a value of 2000 $ in two pawnshops Montreal risk of putting the hand to the neck quickly, because it was filmed without a mask, by surveillance cameras.

The man to which a mask has been delivered has been captured on the surveillance cameras of the two pawnshops.

“What is funny, is that he had no mask when he came in. We have generously been provided with one. When he entered the second trade, it didn’t take, he wore one, ” says Marc O’brien, director of the string

The events described in it occurred Monday afternoon at two stores of the same banner, located a dozen kilometers apart, the first on the boulevard Langelier, Montreal-Nord, and the other on boulevard Saint-Jean-Baptiste in Pointe-aux-Trembles.

A chain and a bracelet, worth a total of $ 2000 was stolen.

Robert Tessier, the founder of says that the suspect has used the same ploy twice.

“He asked to see the jewelry kept in a glass case. When we came out, it was seized and it took the leakage of current, ” he explains.

Video Surveillance

Fortunately, both incidents were captured by surveillance cameras.

And the suspect risk of getting caught quickly, given the collaboration that exists between the entrepreneurs in the field.

“We have a network of businesses to which we can send photos and videos to identify this kind of individuals. A jewelry store we had already been called to tell us they had a possible match, ” said Mr. O’brien.

The name of the thief, alleged to have been passed to the investigator of the Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM) responsible for the file. The SPVM had not made any arrests in connection with this incident at the time of going to press on Tuesday.

The PCU in question ?

Marc O’brien admits that the chain of stores has not known of an incident of the kind since the beginning of the year. He believes that the pandemic is for something.

“We suspect that with PKU [Delivery canadian emergency], the people had more cash, so they had less need to commit this kind of crime “, analysis-t-it.

Mr. O’brien assumed that the end of government subsidies in the coming months could cause a spike in shoplifting. “It usually happens in periods where people are most in difficulty,” he says.

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