Jill Barber reveals another side of its personality with a new album

Jill Barber dévoile un autre côté de sa personnalité avec un nouvel album

On his first album in French, Jill Barber has proposed the times. It recurrence, nine years later, with ten original songs and a French version of the piece, Suzanne, Cohen.

A native of Port Credit, Ontario, and Vancouver-based Jill Barber has eight albums in English to his credit.

The French version of one of his songs, performed at the Festival international de jazz de Montréal, in 2010, to make a small gift to the people of quebec, has initiated this adventure.

“My parents had me enrolled in immersion when I was in high school and I asked them to leave after two years. I hated the French language. I wanted to write and read in English. Today, I regret that they said yes “, she started.

At the end of the wire, at 8: 30 a.m., British Columbia, Jill Barber made the effort to express themselves in French throughout the interview. It looks sometimes its words, avoiding to use the ones in English.

“I think I’m going back to bed after our conversation “, she said laughing.

Jill Barber is very proud of this collection of songs, light, very 60s, titled Between Us.

“I thought at the beginning to make an album with a few original songs and several times. We started the writing sessions, we met to my surprise with ten original pieces. It is a great challenge for me and I am very happy with this album “, she said.


Between Us was written in collaboration with Maia Davies, of the montreal Ladies of the Canyon.

“I wanted to ensure that my French is good. This project would have been impossible without Maia, the director Gus Van Go and the musicians. It really is a collaboration, ” she remarked.

The author, composer and performer of 40 years reveals a different side of Jill Barber, English-speaking on this album.

“It is a little more naughty and also more vulnerable. This album is very female, that reflects what is my life now. There is a little bit of fun, a little serious, a little reflection and a little bit of cute. I express myself in a different way in French. This discovery is very interesting for me and I wanted to explore this aspect “, has launched the mom of two young children.

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