Jim rose to sixth place in the ranking of the best biathletes in the history of Ukraine

Джима поднялась на шестое место в рейтинге лучших биатлонисток в истории Украины

Yulia Jim in Pokljuka (Slovenia) scored his first personal victory in the world Cup.

In the individual race at 15 kilometers Jim made 20 accurate shots in a row, and on the last lap in the course of the struggle with the Polish Monika Hojnisz have not lost a 15-second advantage and became the eighth Ukrainian, won the individual competition of the world Cup.

Biathlon.com.ua notes that in the history of the Ukrainian biathlon given relay 12 athletes managed at least 10 times to reach the podium in world Cup races. This list is dominated by women – against 10 people Dersimli Andrei and Sergei Semenov.

Elena Zubrilov (19), Elena Petrova (15), Valya and Vita Semerenko (11) can boast at least 10 personal podiums. In the relays ahead of Elena Petrova (19 podiums), Olena Pidhrushna (18), Elena Zubrilov and Valya Semerenko (17).

Top 10 most successful biathletes of the national team of Ukraine on the number of world Cup podiums:

1. Elena Zubrilov – 55 (38 personal+17 in relays)2. Elena Petrova – 34 (15+19)3. Semerenko Valj – 29 (11+17)

4. Olena Pidhrushna – 26 (8+18)5. Vita Semerenko – 24 (11+13)6. Julia Jim – 21 (5+16)7. Tatyana Vodopyanova – 20 (5+15)8. Andrew Deryzemlya – 13 (5+8)9. Nina Lemesh – 13 (1+12)10. Natalia Prikazchikova – 12 (6+6)

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