Jim will perform at the world Cup in summer biathlon

Джима не виступить на чемпіонаті світу з літнього біатлону

This was announced by the President of the biathlon Federation of Ukraine Volodymyr Brynzak

In late August, the Czech Nove mesto world championship in summer biathlon 2018.

The national team of Ukraine traditionally make on the world Championships team.

President biathlon Federation Vladimir Brynzak talked about how will pass selection in the team for the tournament, one of the team will miss the competition, and also has told about how takes place training Yulia Jima, under the leadership of the Uros Velepec.

The formation of the team for the world Cup

“For the summer world Cup women’s team will be prepared at the training camp in Otepaa Estonia. To arrive at Merkushina and control training to selected part. Because athletes have a lot, and in the Czech Republic will be only six, so you need to choose the strongest. There she will join the team, run control, and will select the team that will compete in Nove mesto. For norkam from the core team we will be Kipjachenija and sisters Dmitrenko”, – he said.

About the show-race in Wiesbaden

“We were told that for this race there are two places. We talked, thought Vita Semerenko to send, but then offered Yulia Jimi. She agreed and said that the world Cup will not be speaking, but your training as you still need to compare with other athletes, so she decided to act in this commercial race,” said project Manager brynzak.

About the summer championship of Ukraine

“In the championship of Ukraine in Chernihiv entire core team will be, and Jimmy is still unknown. I hadn’t talked to her, was out of town,” said the President of Federation of biathlon of Ukraine.

About Jim training under the guidance of Velepec

“They have a communication, she trusts the Uros, it is new opened, so we took this decision. I think it is useful and Slovenes, because they have only one athlete trains, for it Jim – the sparring partner. So this tandem is working and we hope that she needs to add to perform even better, if there is no disease,” – said project Manager brynzak.

Note that the women’s team of Ukraine of 12 July went to the third training camp in Finnish Vuokatti.

Due to shoulder problems and has not travelled with the team captain Olena Pidhrushna.

The men’s team of Ukraine, in turn, will soon depart for a training camp in the Austrian Obertilliach.

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