JO-2020: the boss of the IOC refuses to allow the possibility of Games behind closed doors

JO-2020: le patron du CIO se refuse à l'éventualité de Jeux à huis clos

LAUSANNE | “The olympic Games behind closed doors are clearly something we don’t want to,” said Thursday the head of the international olympic Committee (IOC), Thomas Bach, adding that “multiple scenarios” were under consideration for the olympics in Tokyo 2020 reprogrammed in 2021.

If security is the main concern of the organizers of the Tokyo olympics, which were to begin next week, but was delayed a year because of the pandemic of COVID-19, Mr. Bach has clearly expressed its reluctance to organize the Games in the stadiums are empty, practice now commonplace in the sport.

“The olympic Games behind closed doors are clearly something we don’t want to”, he told the press in a video conference. “We work for the olympic Games which, on the one hand, will safeguard the health of all participants and, on the other hand, reflect the olympic spirit”.

Thomas Bach and the japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe have both warned that it would be difficult to postpone the Games beyond 2021, evoking the nightmare scenario of the first olympic Games to be deferred in time of peace.

“The top priority is the safety of all participants,” said Mr. Bach. “That is why we are currently working on multiple scenarios of organization of the Games depending of the health situation which we do not know how it will be in a year”.

On Wednesday, Tokyo has placed on alert to “red” to the coronavirus, its highest level of alert after a resurgence of cases in the japanese capital of 14 million inhabitants inserted in a megalopolis of about 37 million.

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