JO Tokyo: After the report, still a lot of unknowns

JO de Tokyo: Apr├Ęs le report, encore beaucoup d'inconnues

TOKYO | The report history of the olympic Games Tokyo 2020 summer 2021, due to the global pandemic of sars coronavirus, has left the organisers facing a mountain of issues, many of which are still without answers.

A year almost to the day before the opening ceremony scheduled July 23, 2021, the the main questions around the JO focus on security, finance and… the certainty of their outfit.

What’s it going to be like these games?

The Games will be “simplified” according to the organizers, even if what this means in practice is still very vague.

Over 200 measures are being investigated, they said, refusing, however, for the moment to cite examples.

According to the japanese media, this could induce a reduction in the number of spectators for the olympic trials as for the ceremonies of opening and closing.

However, “the olympic Games behind closed doors are clearly something that we do not want”, said on July 16, the boss of the international olympic Committee (IOC) Thomas Bach.

But the president of Tokyo 2020, Yoshiro Mori, suggested that humility would be essential: previous og had a “splendor extravagant, grandiose. But in the face of the COVID-19, is-what kind of Games would be accepted?”, he said.

Will they be safe?

The organizers intend to investigate counter-measures in the face of the COVID-19 from this fall, without more specifics for the time being.

The immensity of the task was summed up in may by John Coates, president of the coordination commission for the Tokyo Games: “Is this he will have to place the olympic Village in isolation? Is that any sportsman will need to observe a period of quarantine? Is there a limit to the number of spectators at each competition site?”.

“It is the face of real problems, because there are athletes who come from 206 countries”, pointed out by Mr. Coates. “There will be 11,000 athletes, 5 000 officials and coaches, 20,000 members of the media, there are 4,000 people working in the organization of the Games in this time, which will add 60,000 volunteers”.

What other difficulties?

The report has led to other puzzles, such as the availability in the summer of 2021 venues for the olympics. The organizers are however to announce that 100 % of the sites were eventually able to be reserved.

Another major problem is with the olympic Village, at the edge of Tokyo bay, which was supposed to be converted into luxury apartments as soon as the end of the originally planned Games. Many of the apartments have already been sold to individuals who were there to move as early as this year.

The persistent uncertainty on the conduct of the JO is also reluctant business partners expected to bring nearly 3 billion euros in total, or nearly half of the revenue originally expected from the event.

According to a survey published in June by the tv station NHK, japan’s public, 65 % of the sponsors of Tokyo 2020 were not certain to maintain their commitments.

Integrating not even the additional costs related to deferral, the total bill JO is not yet known. The end of 2019, the last of their estimated budget was amounted to 1,350 billion yen (11 billion euros) to the japanese side.

Will they really be held?

The japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe has recognized that it would be difficult to organize the olympics in the summer of 2021 if the global pandemic was not contained by then.

In an interview with the AFP in the course of June, the governor of Tokyo, Yuriko Koike, has pledged to mobilise “120 %” for the olympic games are held.

The organisers and the IOC, however, have stated that the games in Tokyo could not be deferred a second time. If they could not be held in 2021, they would be permanently cancelled.

While the pandemic continues currently raging in North America and Latin America in particular, this worst-case scenario there is nothing impossible. For some experts, it is even the most likely hypothesis.

“Japan may be able to control the disease (by the summer of 2021), but I don’t think it could be done anywhere on the planet and I am therefore very pessimistic” for the olympic games in Tokyo, had said in April Kentaro Iwata, a japanese expert of infectious diseases.

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