Joaquin Phoenix : his speech is very committed to nature and to the animals, to the Oscars 2020

Joaquin Phoenix : his speech is very committed to the nature for the Oscars 2020

After you have received the Oscar for best actor for his interpretation of the famous enemy of Batman in “the Joker”, Joaquin Phoenix has made a speech very committed to combating inequality between men and women, against discrimination and for the defense of nature.

After you have captured all the prizes at the Golden Globes to the BAFTAS, Joaquin Phoenix was named best actor at the Oscars 2020 for his performance in the Joker from Todd Philips, which took place this Sunday, 9 February 2020. “I’m just overwhelmed with gratitude”, he started, moved, before adding “I don’t know what I would be” without the love of cinema. The actor of 45 years has used his speech to denounce discrimination and to defend once more his commitment to nature. “I think that it is more and more estranged from nature. It was now a very self-centered. One has the impression to be the heart of the universe. We destroyed the nature to exploit the resources”.

The speech very committed to Joaquin Phoenix at the Oscars

Wearing a suit two-pieces-black and Stella McCartney, the same as the Golden Globes, for ecological reasons (it has been done in the largest respect of the environment), he adds : “we consider that We have the right to do artificial insemination on cows. It grants the rights on this child, on the milk of this cow for the calf. We put it in our coffee, in our cereal”. He wished to educate as many people as possible : “We believe that change is synonymous with sacrifice. But the human beings, when they are good, they are creative and resourceful. It is necessary to use compassion to create systems that benefit all and bring about real change”.

Joaquin Phoenix returns to the question : “I have been selfish, cruel, and difficult. I’m not a model, but many here have given me a second chance and I think it is here that we find the best in each other and when we support each other”, before paying tribute to his brother Rivers, who died at age 23 of a drug overdose.

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