Joe Biden and the muslim community

Joe Biden et la communauté musulmane

As often as he can, Joe Biden tries to demonstrate that it is just the opposite of his opponent republican. This was the case yesterday when it was exchanged with representatives of one of the largest groups of american muslims.

His participation in a meeting organized by Emgage Action had already a special character, since the presidential candidates usually avoid to meet directly with representatives of the muslim community. Joe Biden took the opportunity to highlight what distinguishes it from Donald Trump.

The democratic candidate has not introduced any new idea yesterday, but it is committed to correct or cancel early steps of its predecessor, starting with the decree that restricted a strict arrivals from several muslim-majority countries.

The former president is allowed to quote the prophet Muhammad, and he pointed out that the muslim community had been the first to suffer the onslaught of the policies of the administration Trump, before the hispanics and the black community.

Denouncing islamophobia and the resurgence of hate crimes, Joe Biden has delivered a message gatherer, and it is committed to include muslims in his administration. Never during the meeting he mentioned terrorism or radical islamism.

No other presidential candidate in the history of the United States has approached the muslim community as Biden did yesterday. He even wished that it addresses more often the history of Islam in schools : “One of the things that I think is important: I wish, I wish we taught more in our schools about the Islamic faith”. I don’t recall a similar statement in another presidential campaign.

If the message Biden was consistent with the image that it projects generally, it was not devoid of strategic interest. Despite recent polls that point toward a victory easier than expected, the bidder’s team leaves nothing to chance. If the muslim community accounts for only 1% of the total electorate, in some states it can make the difference between victory and defeat.

In 2016, Donald Trump has emerged in Michigan by 10 000 votes. There are 150 000 muslim voters on the electoral roll of that State. There are also a significant number in Florida, another State that Joe Biden would like to delight the incumbent president.

The decision of Joe Biden to respond favourably to the invitation of muslim leaders indicate that it is careful and he does not neglect any effort. His strategists may recall that republican George W. Bush had launched a message of openness to the community during the campaign of 2000, an election is particularly tight.

The maneuver by the democratic risk to bring back even more if we consider that there are only 13% of Americans of the muslim faith who see themselves as republicans.

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