Joe Biden too ambitious?

Joe Biden trop ambitieux?

Joe Biden knows a good sequence, and the polls are very favorable. Not only widening the gap at the national level, but he enjoys a lead in most of the pivotal states.

When the strategists democrats are watching the map of the United States in the light of more recent data, they may wish to consider gains in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Arizona. If victories in those states would allow Biden to enter at 1600 Pennsylvania avenue as president, he aims for a victory even more convincing.

Already several surveys give opportunities for real ahead of Donald Trump in North Carolina and Florida. If such a scenario happened, Joe Biden would have a strong mandate with victories in all regions of the country. As it is expected that he beat the outgoing president to the popular vote, the democratic candidate would get a victory.

There is, however, the former vice-chairman of intentions is even more challenging. By observing the map above, you will notice that some states such as Texas, Georgia, Ohio and iowa are colored in pale pink. These statements discuss, therefore, always in the republican, but the gap would narrow. Joe Biden is considering to deploy more resources to the switch. If he did, his victory would be overwhelming.

The scenario of a historic victory has what to do dream of the democrats and all those who want a clean break with the four years of the presidency, Trump. But these projections are very ambitious also include a good share of risk.

I believe that the democrats should focus on the states where Donald Trump won by a narrow margin in 2016 to surprise Hillary Clinton. Maintain or increase the advances in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania requires significant financial and human resources. Reduce the workforce to relocate is a bet very risky.

If the democratic Party wants to invest more, it should do so on the side of the Senate. The surveys mentioned a little above also point in the direction of a real chance to retake control of that chamber. The election in 2020 could well provide the democrats with a rare opportunity of winning the presidency, the house of representatives and the senate. It seems to me wiser to concentrate all the resources to materialize this possibility.

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