Johan Papz : MTV, Lena Situations, YouTube, product placements… He entrusts himself to it in an interview

Johan Papz : MTV, Lena Situations, YouTube, placements de produits... Il se confie en interview

Johan Papz : MTV, Lena Situations, YouTube, product placements… He entrusts himself to it in an interview

PRBK met Johan Papz at the MTV EMA 2019 to Seville in Spain. The star of the net became a presenter for MTV has granted us an interview to talk about this new job of his life as an influencer and YouTubeur, from his marriage with Lena Situations in Las Vegas or even product placements.

Johan Papz on MTV : “This is really unlikely”

The MTV EMA 2019, in which you can find the complete list and the looks of the red carpet, were held Sunday, November 3, 2019, Seville, Spain. On-site, PRBK met Johan Papz, became a presenter for MTV. How the influencer has earned this position ? “Base, I made a video where I guessed the differences on logos with my sister. There was the logo of MTV in, we had a good laugh because we look at the emissions genus Geordie Shore since we were young. I said, ‘if MTV passes by, I’d like to be a host on MTV’. But in a joke. And I received a mail from MTV a beautiful September morning to tell me that while we would like to meet me, and it happened naturally”and we he told.

Her reaction ? “I was too happy because this is really unlikely, I think it’s always cool when there are crossovers between YouTube and the tv, and vice versa,” he rejoiced, he who hopes to be able to cross “Mabel and Dua Lipa” on the red carpet. In the MTV EMA 2019, “we have seen Green Day, it’s cool this is a group that I listened to for a long time. See them live it was cool” he also stressed.

His role at the ceremony ? Johan Papz summarized : “We had to show in the social networks of MTV and our social networks backtages, everything that people do not see, we are insiders. We are going to try to interview the stars on the red carpet, have small excluded and they tell us a few words in French”.

His marriage with Lena Situations ? “It was too cool”

In addition to this new project, Johan Papz made about him in this time following her wedding in Las Vegas with Lena Situations. “It was too cool to be confessed to the YouTubeur who explained that “Lena had some problems in love lately”. “It was already 6 months she had told me that they were going to leave to Las Vegas with a brand name”, “when I saw that she had not the moral I thought to myself hey it’s going to do something a little bit funny,” he explained, “I called Dylan Parienty that has made the outfits Bilal Hassani for the Eurovision contest, and I asked him if he could send me wedding dresses”.

It is, therefore, to him who had the idea to ask for the hand of his girlfriend Lena Situations, the true star of the social networks, to marry just for the fun with it. Why ? “In Vegas you can marry in mode quiet to have a laugh with Elvis Prestley” so “when we arrived there I said to him : come you, mary”. “She was super happy, we had a serious beautiful day, we too laughed, and it was lifted” has he said, and “we have not signed the papers, we just did the ceremony with the pastor”. Except that their subscribers have really believed in their union : “They have not too understood in the beginning they thought that it was a real marriage”.

“There are some animosities between the tv and YouTube”

Is it that Johan Papz are going to be doing more tv, thanks to his job for MTV ? “Why not. But my middle, it’s still YouTube, this is where I was known and where there is my community. Tv, I like it, it is an interesting universe. But I do not lose sight of the fact that YouTube is my principal medium. My community, they are between 18 and 24 years of age, they are more on YouTube than in front of the tv”.

“After that, it is well also to introduce themselves to a new audience, to do different things. These are new challenges,” he said, to him who is content to make this new adventure even more so that it “does not have a lot of each other that are on television, because there are some animosities between the tv and YouTube for some time”.

Before creating his YouTube channel, he worked on the side of “press relations in the United States”. A force to see each other americans out there, he end by begin him also. “I have not had a buzz from one day to the next day,” recalls he, “it has been a long time” because on YouTube “we need to be patient”.

What makes it “authentic” ? “I will not force myself to make videos out videos” and “I don’t have a schedule”. Side inspiration for his videos, he has “small ideas” but also “small brainstorming” with his community.

And if it is followed by more than a million subscribers on his channel, on the other hand “this is a profession where one is extremely only, you film in front of the camera alone, you get your video all by yourself, you manage your social networks all by itself”.

“I never do product placements for the dental bleaching”

Regarding product placements, Johan Papz refused to be like the stars of reality tv. “I’m talking about more collaborations because the investments for the kits dental whitening, no one will see me ever do that,” he assured, “the projects that I did, it was cool stuff”. Like what for example ? “I’ve been a muse for Levi’s this fall, I’ve done all year with a Perrier,” he said, “I will not investment products, per se marks, which I do not match”, “it always remains of the collabs that I like with brands that I carry daily”.

His future projects ? “I renewed my contract in the new year with a Perrier” and “this is where I tend to focus really on YouTube because I had a little trouble this year to make the transition from the end of my studies (a master’s degree, ed) to YouTube full-time,” he detailed. Not to mention its desire to turn even more on the new social networks as “TikTok, I find it super funny”.

Interview by Julien Gonçalves. Exclusive content. Do not reproduce without citing

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