“Join you!” said mr. Legault

«Enrôlez-vous!» disait monsieur Legault

You have responded to the call of François Legault, your generous heart opened to the plight of seniors in CHSLDS. The same spirit, you have to register in order to obtain a position of attendant to the beneficiaries.

Bingo! Among all these candidates, you are selected, you are called upon, as I say, you are elected!

You go ahead, you are offered free training during which you will be paid. What more can one ask?

You arrive, willing to give body and soul to become one of the “guardian angels” dear to our prime minister.

And suddenly, rude awakening: was it just a dream?

What? No job full-time?

Sorry, this will be on-call, there’s already complete lists of attendants waiting a full-time job.

How is it on call?

Let’s say 3 days a week or on the weekend, it is to see.

The salary, it is$ 26 per hour?

Oh no, this would not be fair. You can’t be paid more starting as a clerk who has years of service. Also, there are the premiums which vary according to the schedules of shift work and if you are assigned or not to a red zone.

The government itself has advertised the job full-time and the salary is 49 000 dollars a year!

Without a doubt, but the ISSC, the CIUSS and other acronyms of your administrative region did not interpret it in this way. The union not more, elsewhere.

Could we find out who makes the decisions? Who is the boss? Who has the last word?

Hard to say…

Mr. Legault said a thing, mrs. McCann says another, and Marguerite Blais says that it is mr. Legault who said it. With respect to the directors of ISSC and of the CIUSS, they say the opposite of all these elected officials. While the union claimed to have found the solution that would solve for good the folder of the CHSLD if mr. Legault applied.

You always follow?

One thing is certain, the people came out in full door to classrooms.

The training is stopped “net-cargo-dry” for many aspirants who are left in power to beg their former masters to take them back.

It is a beautiful vocation, but the priesthood is not proper to all souls, it is well-known.

In the meantime, the instances mentioned above could they do us the grace to hear?

Because we, all one hears is… Words, words, words… Parrrolé, parrrolé… Ah! eternal Dalida!

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