Joke of a dead man forced the family to laugh at a funeral: a funny video

During the funeral the Irishman out of the coffin suddenly heard a knock on the wood of the coffin and the voice

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Шутка покойника заставила родственников смеяться на похоронах: курьезное видео

Dead amused relatives at my funeral

In Facebook group of veterans of the armed forces of Ireland appeared a funny video with the caption: “Recently we asked what the difference is between the military and civilian humor. It’s simple: he’s black. It’s a funeral Neck Bradley October 12”. On the video drew the attention of the newspaper the Daily Mail.

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According to the authors of the publication, during the funeral of Bradley’s Neck of the coffin suddenly heard a knock on the wood of the coffin and a voice: “Where the hell am I? Let me out of here! It’s dark in here! Is that a priest? It’s Shay! I’m in a box! Yes not there, but here – in front of you! I died.” Then the grieving hysterically laughed. Then from the grave was heard singing: “I just called to say goodbye”.

The daughter of the dead man’s Neck Andrea explained that the Irish recorded a message before he died. Recording reproduced through the speakers. She added that the deceased would be very happy if he knew how many people he made laugh.

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