Joke of the day: asleep in the city of bear will protect all winter

Прикол дня: уснувшего в городе медведя будут охранять всю зиму

It will protect from curious passers-by.

In the suburbs of the closed Russian city of Snezhinsk went into hibernation… a bear. It was the occasion for the convening of the Commission on emergency situations, reports the with reference to

City officials decided to euthanize the beast, and all winter to protect it from curious citizens and those who wish to be photographed with it, they inadvertently Wake up the bear.

It is reported that in the near future, the district equipped with warning signs and surveillance cameras and the area will be patrolled by Rangers. Spring for the passage of the awakened beast back into the forest will make a corridor… Like a bear snuck through the fence into the territory of the city – in my head. But it is a few days scaring people went around the neighborhood and then built a den next to the city boiler house, two kilometers from the road and fell asleep there…

Environmentalists say that I don’t know why the bear went to sleep in the city is out of the ordinary case. For such an extraordinary decision Bruin could affect the long and warm autumn weather disoriented the bear, he, half asleep, wandered into the city where he was overcome by sleep. And maybe that someone or something had spooked and kicked the animal prepared for hibernation dens. He went aimlessly, and sleep overcame him…

In any case, Russian officials decided to enter the beast and take his NAPs under protection.

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