Joker Joaquin Phoenix cops caught right under the nose of the tramp, and he wanted justice: photo

"Джокер" Хоакин Феникс схвачен копами прямо под носом Трампа, а он хотел справедливости: фото

today, 12:43

In the capital of the United States of America, during the protests against climate change, which took place at the Capitol hill, detained two popular actors Joaquin Phoenix and Martin sheen.

This became known thanks to the publication of CNN.

Journalists write that actors Joaquin Phoenix, Susan Sarandon, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Martin sheen joined the actress Jane Fonda at the last meeting” Fire Drill Friday”. It is also known that Phoenix made on the stock with a speech about how detrimental affects dairy and meat industry in climate change in the world.

"Джокер" Хоакин Феникс схвачен копами прямо под носом Трампа, а он хотел справедливости: фото

Joaquin Phoenix on stocks under the Capitol, CNN

“I try so hard as you can. There are things I can’t escape — here I arrived by plane today, or rather night. But one thing I can do is to change your eating habits,” said Joaquin.

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It is necessary to tell our readers that “the Joker” Joaquin is a vegan and not eating animal products. According to police, the shares arrested 147 people. They were accused of violating the terms of peaceful Assembly and overlap of government street, which created inconveniences for residents of the US capital and workers of the Capitol.

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