Joker : soon to be a sequel to the film ? Zazie Beetz closes the door

Joker : bientôt une suite au cinéma ? Zazie Beetz ferme la porte

Joker : soon to be a sequel to the film ? Zazie Beetz closes the door

Do not rely on Zazie Beetz motivation for Warner Bros and Todd Phillips to make Joker 2 despite the plebiscite of the public about the first film. The actress told, the film worn by Joaquin Phoenix does not need it.

A suite of no interest to the Joker ?

Joker has not won the Oscar for the best film, but it has nevertheless allowed Joaquin Phoenix to walk away with the statuette for “Best actor” with his performance in the skin of the famous enemy of Batman. What motivate the actor to resume his role in a sequel ? If the idea excites many fans, Zazie Beetz is on his side not very hot.

The one that embodies Sophie, the neighbor on which fantasy Arthur in the film, took advantage of an interview with MTV News to reveal : “I don’t think this film needs a sequel. I find it to be very hard as not to pull unnecessarily on the rope“. Comments that go against those of his partner or of Todd Phillips, the director, who have always opened the door to such a possibility.

A project impossible without Todd Phillips

In fact, Zazie Beetz has subsequently clarified, if such a project had finally to see the light of day, Todd Phillips will certainly have to be behind the camera : “Honestly, I have the feeling that it would be the only one to be able to do it the right way. If he thinks that there is a need for a sequel, I trust him. It is really creative and intelligent“.

And during that time, Jared Leto still waiting for that call back for a movie with Harley Quinn version Margot Robbie.

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