Joker : when the face of the villain becomes a symbol of the protests in the world

Joker : quand le visage du vilain devient un symbole des manifestations dans le monde

Joker : when the face of the villain becomes a symbol of rebellion in the world

Currently the film, JOKER is a real hit. Was such that the film of Todd Phillips worn by Joaquin Phoenix seems to inspire many protesters throughout the world, testifies to the presence of the make-up of the villain in Chile in particular.

Joker, a movie taken in the example ?

Present at the Venice film Festival in September, director Todd Phillips assured the press that Joker “is not a political film“. In other words, everything that is portrayed on the screen is not a cry of alarm on our current society – the story is set elsewhere from the mid-80s, and so it is silly to consider it as dangerous as it is not intended to give the kick-off of any revolt.

Yet, even if the last replica of the Joker in this film “I thought of a joke, but you do understand not” reminds us effectively that everything we have just seen is not to be taken literally and that there was no certainty surrounding the veracity of the adventure of Arthur Fleck at the screen – that is supposed to minimize the impact of the images, these have actually been seen by the public. Also, the story of Arthur, it is true, or completely manipulated, has had time to resonate in the hearts of the spectators.

When fiction joins reality

In his film, Todd Phillips brings to the stage the social fracture that strikes Gotham between the richest and the people. On the one hand, those who swim in luxury, believe any permit and take up the other by seeing them as clowns and claiming that they can do nothing without them, and the poor who are content with the leftovers and are obligated to smile in a knowing yet ignored, as is the case with the deletions to repetition of budgets that affect the most important sectors of society (health, cleanliness, employment, etc.).

A story that takes place in the 80’s, but that resonates strongly with current events. In France we saw the Yellow Vests to demonstrate for their purchasing power, tired of paying in place of the more rich, in Chile, the country rises up to fight against the ultralibéralisme and privatizing everything-will which has increased inequalities, in the Uk our English-speaking neighbors are divided on the Brexit and the lies of the political class, in Hong Kong the people manifest not to see China interfere with its freedom and in Lebanon a popular uprising is in place to fight against the corruption of the powerful, and the increase in taxes.

The film Joker gives a relatively accurate picture of our society”

All that one can see in watermark, in Joker is so noticeable in the world with this struggle between the richest and the poorest. However, what we also followed in the film worn by Joaquin Phoenix, this is a rebellion “positive” of Gotham – that it is once again told in a sincere way or manipulated by the villain against the powerful. Under the impetus of the acts of the Joker – which are yet mortals (!), you can see the people make their voices heard in order to get things moving. And if this goes through extreme violence (the parents of Bruce Wayne are slaughtered because of their social status), and a true chaos romanticised by the point of view of Arthur, this sling seems to be inspired by the protesters of today.

To the four corners of the world, many of them now wear the make-up of the Joker as a sign of the symbol of their rebellion. As pointed out by the collective Disobedience Ecolo Paris on Facebook (spotted by Check-News) : “The film Joker, beyond certain flaws, gives a relatively accurate picture of our societies, where increase inequalities and tensions between the rich and the poor, in a context of a grey urban widespread. It would be absurd, therefore, to distinguish between “ecology” and “social justice”. The enemy is common. These are the same rich who exploit human lives and natural resources, to destruction : that is why there is ecology that popular.

The Wild symbol of rebellion in the world, but…

Yes, if Todd Phillips, did not budge and continued to say that Jokeris not a political film“, the public is not of the same opinion and uses it today (in a moderate fashion, Check News ensures that the Joker is not yet multi-represented) to come together across the planet. This make up identical returns the message to the different political classes and powerful that the world is ready to do that against them.

A tour de force of ironic that isn’t really a surprise – the works (V for Vendetta created by Alan Moore, also at the origin of the comic The Killing Joke that inspired… the movie Joker) or The Casa de Papel are also regularly diverted, but that questions. Why choose to celebrate the character of the Joker in such events ?

… to be taken with the benefit of hindsight

When asked by Check News, Mathilde Larrère, a historian of revolutions, and sees in it simply a nod to pop culture, without any real ulterior motives : “As revolutions are made by the popular classes, they use elements of their culture. These are movements that are more or less new, which are not framed by a political movement in former, and who develop their own internal culture. Under the French Revolution, it was the same thing with the popular songs that we sang in the evening.” Elsewhere, in Hong Kong, masks/make-up are primarily used to protect an identity than to declare something.

However, where it appears logical to see how these different people connect to the citizens of Gotham in the light of their situations (but not to condone their violence in the film), to see them celebrate the enemy of Batman is also disturbing. After all, the Joker is a murderer, a mass murderer. And not to mention his actions in the comics or other films, nothing of what he does in the Todd Phillips is justifiable. Of course it is only a symbol, but take as a hero a man guilty of murder of innocent people running the risk of losing the entire meaning of the message.

Joker : quand le visage du vilain devient un symbole des manifestations dans le monde

Joker : when the face of the villain becomes a symbol of rebellion in the world

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