Jonathan (Angels 12) announced his break-up with Sarah : “I can’t stop crying”

Sarah Lopez (Angels 12), and Jonathan, the break !

It is finished between Jonathan Matijas and Sarah Lopez ! Oh no, this is not a joke unfortunately. It is the applicant’s Angels 12 who announced himself break a little unexpected since there are still a few hours, the two former members of Moundir and apprentices adventurers 4 to be displayed together on the social networks.

After their break-up with Camille Froment (The Princes and princesses of love 2) and Vincent Queijo, Jonathan Matijas and Sarah Lopez have cracked one to the other in Moundir and apprentices adventurers 4. They are then put in a couple and since then, they spin the perfect love : “It is anchored in the long term. We are planning to move in together, planning our life for two (…) Sarah corresponds to me, she has character, she is kind, beautiful, intelligent, ambitious and generous, “said the former footballer in an interview with PRBK.

“Love is not always enough”

Everything is done to ensure that their relationship lasts, but as you know, one is never safe from a surprise. For proof, Jonathan Matijas and Sarah Lopez are in reality more together. Pardon ? You read that correctly, the two candidates of the Anges 12 are separated and it is the ex of Vanessa Lawrens, who announced the news on Instagram : “love is not always enough. I hurt to the heart by writing these words, but I have to assume. I don’t blame Sarah, I don’t blame the life for I have lived my most beautiful story, but since a moment already, the incompatibility of our characters weigh too heavy, heavier than the fit that we may live.

Jonathan Matijas then explains that it is he who has made the decision to put an end to their story : “I want to make us cry, but a man must have the courage to make a difficult decision. I don’t expect everyone to understand and I don’t know when, or even if I’ll express myself one day on our break. I fought not to take this decision, but for too long, I was a man in love, but more happy.

Jonathan Matijas (Angels 12) announced his break-up with Sarah Lopez

“We have to accept not to be made for each other”

The ex-participant the people VS the rest of The world 4 continues : “I know that Sarah is very ill and in contrast to what can be seen of my appearance as a strong man, and nothing achieved, I am not able to stop crying. I don’t have the heart to snaper or anything, so I’m going to take a few steps back and disappear from the networks for a few days (…) We love it for what it is, or one is obliged to accept not to be made one for the other.

This break is quite unexpected, especially as Sarah Lopez and Jonathan Matijas is still showed on all the networks this Thursday 20 February 2020. A fight would have broken out after ? What does it have to happen ? Case to follow.

Jonathan Matijas (Angels 12) speaks on his break-up with Sarah Lopez

Jonathan Matijas (Angels 12) and Sarah Lopez together on Instagram

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