Jonathan Huberdeau took Jakob Pelletier under his wing

Jonathan Huberdeau took Jakob Pelletier under his wing


Calgary Flames veteran Jonathan Huberdeau makes sure youngster Jakob Pelletier adjusts properly to the National Hockey League (NHL).

During his first career recall in the Bettman circuit at the beginning of January, it was Huberdeau who was the first Flames player to send him a text message.

Since then, the two Quebecers have shared good number of meals and even had the opportunity to play several matches on the same line.

“A guy like Pelletier, who comes from Quebec, you try to take him under your wing a little bit. You show him things and you try to make him comfortable,” said Huberdeau, whose comments were reported by the TSN network.

“It's just to be there if he has need you and bring him to dinner. I talk to him about hockey or how he feels.”

For his part, Pelletier feels very lucky to be able to count on Huberdeau.

“I'm the only guy who has 21 years old, underlined the one who has played 11 games so far with the Flames. The majority of guys are 23-24 or older. I am young. To see an older guy like Huby taking care of me is crazy.”

A simple piece of advice

The first-round pick (26th overall) in the 2019 draft also said that the Flames' star player had only one piece of advice for him when he made the leap to the NHL.

“Just play,” said Pelletier.

“As a young player, you can be afraid to make certain plays that have previously served, because you don't want to make a mistake. As soon as I arrived, he told me to just play.”

Huberdeau has been a member of the Alberta organization since July 22, after being secured in a monster trade with the Florida Panthers. Pelletier remembers the happiness he felt at that time.

“When I found out about the transaction, I was very excited to see that a Francophone was coming. It was great and he is a star player on top of that. He is an excellent player, but above all a good person. It shows in the way he treats guys.”

Both men are currently playing on the wings of center Nazem Kadri. Pelletier explained that they speak to each other in English on the icy surface, except when he's looking for certain words.

“If I'm not sure of a word, I just have him ask in French,” explained the young man, adding that it was the type of little things he really appreciated.

“I know that I want to do what Huberdeau does with me with the young players in five or 10 years,” said Pelletier.