Jonathan Person: “I see my music in pictures”

Jonathan Person:


He calls himself Nobody to differentiate the singer and solo musician Jonathan from the one who is part of the rock group Corridor. By becoming a person, he becomes someone in his own right who can let himself go in his creative freedom. Welcome to the imaginative musical universe of the man who will launch a new eponymous album on August 26.

Jonathan personne' solo project was born in 2015. What was first “a table corner project” which allowed him to pass the time between the albums of his group Corridor has become a personal solo project which seduces and resonates.  

Because if Corridor – the group he has been part of since 2012 – represents, for the 35-year-old musician, a group effort doubled by several heads who clash, Jonathan Nobody's project allows him to let out this melancholic side in him. which is diluted in the group. 

“My universe is closer to the song with a more cinematographic aspect, explains the native artist of Terrebonne, now living in Montreal. I take the time to play with the arrangements. It's pop, it's rock, there are nods to different currents of thought, it's retro and both modern and timeless. »

In terms of direction and composition, Jonathan Nobody resembles him. And if he had no ambition to become someone at the base with this project – hence the name Person – Jonathan says he is happy to have been able to create a pool of loyal admirers who have gently followed him. in this solo adventure that has been going on for 10 years already. 

“I am surprised and happy, because it is close to my heart, explains the man who signed with Bondsound at the start of last winter. At all levels, it is something personal. Patience paid off and it meant no compromise on the music side. »

Third solo album

A fan of automatic writing, of the impressionist movement and self-taught author, Jonathan personne says he sees his music in pictures. Normal, for a visual artist who has sailed in the world of graphic design and animation, leaning more towards cinema than towards literature.

His new opus, which will be launched on August 26, he sees as a more ambitious project than the previous ones, in which dualities at different levels are intertwined. From the cover representing naive children having fun with the remains of a corpse to the introspective and observant texts offering to the tales a little gloomy turns.  

The starting line of this eponymous album having offered him a lot of freedom? Eight short stories imagined in an enchanting universe, the chalet in the Laurentians of the artist who found himself there in a kind of bubble for two months. If the pandemic rumbled behind, the artist insists: “this is not a pandemic album. »

“I am quite confident with this album, which is the logical continuation of the previous album, but more polished, continues the man who loves studio work. It's a universe where everything is nuanced and balanced, there is a uniqueness through the songs and I take more and more pleasure in creating. I dare to hope that this will find a good ear. »

Full of samples from series, films and sounds of all kinds, this mysterious album where guitar, vocals, synthesizer and sample manipulation intermingle represents a more modern way of making arrangements for the artist who pursues his projects with the Corridor group. 

“It reassures me to know that there is always something ahead”, adds with a smile the one who would see himself taking the path from Europe for a solo moment. 

  • Jonathan Nobody's eponymous album will hit shelves on August 26th.
  • He will be performing next August 28 at the Fairmount Theater (album launch presented by pop Montreal), October 2 at the Minotaure in Gatineau, at the Zaricot in Saint-Hyacinthe on October 5, at the café du clocher d'Alma on October 6 and at the small black box in Sherbrooke on October 7.