Jonathan Roberge: his musical universe burst

Jonathan Roberge: son univers musical en rafale

It is well known, Jonathan Roberge is a busy man.

In addition to being dad (of course!), comedian, actor and author, this pocket knife switzerland on two legs co-hosts a podcast – The Packsac – in addition to being a close collaborator of the Viridi Coffee held by his wife Leah.

As it is also a big fan of music, QUB music has taken advantage of the pandemic to question him about his musical tastes. As for the rest of his work, and we were not disappointed by his choice!

The song that you started to québécois music?

The song that you love singing in the shower?

Your first local purchase and any song associated you to it?

A song that makes you cry?

Your “hit” at karaoke, what is it?

I hate karaoke, but if I had to sing a song it would be…

  • You want to read – and listen to – the result? It goes on QUB music!
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