Jordan Peterson's Bombshell

Jordan Peterson's bombshell


Jordan Peterson is arguably the world's best-known living Canadian intellectual.

The University of Toronto professor emeritus of psychology's books are selling millions and are translated into dozens of languages.

He has just resigned and explains why in a letter, which has gone viral, that appeared in the National Post on Wednesday.< /p>


He loved his university and thought he would work there until they had to, he said, “drag my skeleton out of my office”.

He quits because his male, white doctoral students have a slim chance, he says, of securing academic positions, despite their outstanding records, due to quotas imposed in the name of “diversity, equity and inclusion.”

These policies were imposed, he says, although hiring committees have long made every reasonable effort to ensure that no minority candidate is forgotten if he has the required skills.

The truth, says Peterson, that all know but keep quiet, is that there aren't enough qualified candidates from these minorities to hit these targets without lowering the standards. So we lower them.

You can already see the dismal results, he says, in the pseudo-scientific mush produced by many people looking at racism, gender, identity, and so on.

His younger collaborators are also, he adds, blacklisted because Peterson himself is persona non gratain large parts of the academic world because of its ideological positions.

Blacklist in university education? Mathieu Bock-Côté could tell you some great things about it.

All of his colleagues, continues Peterson, must, in order to obtain funding, fill out long declarations of adherence to the gospel of diversity.

In a passage that will shock many, Peterson writes:

“They all lie (except for a minority of true believers) and teach their students to do the same. And they do it constantly, with various rationalizations and justifications, further corrupting what is already a stunningly corrupt enterprise (“a stunningly corrupt enterprise”)”.

All these people also agree, he laments, to docilely participate in re-education workshops against their supposed racist biases, given by human resources employees whom he considers doctrinaire, condescending and “supremely unqualified”.

Those who deny this are doing willful blindness (he says it less politely).

All this ideology born in universities then percolates into businesses, professional orders, the media, the arts, sometimes leading the disgusted departures of those who can no longer bear this stifling rectitude (Tara Henley of the CBC, Bari Weiss of the New York Times, etc.)

Many go through this revolution pretending to be ardent supporters. Their hypocritical comedy accentuates the problem.


He quotes a recent speech by Vladimir Putin who is rubbing his hands to see this poison spreading in the West ideology worthy, he says, of… the former communist party of the USSR.

It's Putin who says it!

Peterson therefore said: enough , I'm leaving!

Obviously, he has the means to do so. Most don't.

Jordan Peterson's Bombshell

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