José Gaudet: a new, more personal show is coming

José Gaudet: a new, more personal show is coming


Since leaving his post as host of the cultural talk show, “It ends well the week”, José Gaudet has been working on a new solo show that will address themes and reflections that have marked in recent years.

Passing by Sophie Durocher and Richard Martineau for the recording of the podcast “Apéro piquant”, the comedian, named in honor of the singer of José Todaro, confided that there would be a number on the fact that the generation of parents to which it belongs tends to overprotect children.

“Sadness is important in life,” he said. “We wanted our children to have the life we ​​dreamed of as adults. We offered them that because we could afford it,” he added.

José Gaudet: a new, more personal show is coming

José Gaudet: a new, more personal show is coming

“My parents weren't perfect and that left marks and bugs on me. My job as an adult was to understand, to try to solve them, to settle them and to become a better person, a better human being and to become a good dad,” shared the comedian.

“The white man of 50 will have reigned too long”

“The 50-year-old white man will have reigned too long” over the world, agreed José Gaudet during his visit to the “Piquant aperitif”. However, this is not what will hinder his return to the stage, he told the host couple.

In addition, the comedian, who rose to fame with the duo Les Grandes Gueules, admitted to QUB radio that he did not expect to see 20-year-olds in his audience. “Well that's okay too because I'm not here anymore,” he said. The words that I have and the subjects that I will address will not be aimed that much at young people in their twenties. People aged 30 and over, I may be likely to interest them, but at the same time, you have to accept [that your audience changes]”, indicated José Gaudet.

“I don’t need to be the young first. I was Sam Breton. For 10 years of my life, there wasn't a new TV show that came on that Mario and I didn't get the call. It's Sam Breton right now,” shared the host, adding that he had gone elsewhere and that his niche was not the same as that of young comedians anyway.

< strong>Very close to being part of the original cast of The Boys

In the mid-1990s, before the release of the film series “Les Boys”, José Gaudet was offered to play the role of Léopold (Popol), the son of Stan (Rémy Girard) by Richard Gaudreau, the producer of the series.

Believing in the hoax, the comedian did not show up for the meeting allowing the director later, Louis Saia, to see him in action. At the time, José Gaudet did nothing without his half Mario Tessier, he said at the microphone of Sophie and Richard.

It was only by receiving Michel Charrette, who gave life to the character of Popol during all these years, on the set of “It ends well the week”, that the host had confirmation that the producer was telling the truth. Even as on the script, José's name was written there, which did not fail to offend Michel Charrette.