“Josélito the heart of the world” : other revelations troubling to Josélito

«Josélito au cœur du monde» : d’autres confidences troublantes pour Josélito

MONTREAL –Josélito Michaud will go to new look of confidence disturbing and moving in his new documentary series, “Josélito the heart of the world”, where there would be the question of the slaughter at the Polytechnique and of the bombing of the Metropolis, with the mother of Marc Lépine and the ex-prime minister Pauline Marois.

First planned for this summer, the dissemination of “Josélito the heart of the world” has been postponed to the fall by ICI Radio-Canada Télé and will begin in September.

The filming of seven episodes has concluded three weeks before the start of the containment, has told in interview Josélito Michaud, who had a desire to exchange, among other things, with “unknown exception”.

“It was something to do, and has supported the facilitator and producer. I’m really going to the heart of the subjects. Oh I’m there! As to go there, I wanted to dive in, and I really enjoyed it.”

Five themes

“Josélito in the heart of the world” is separate into five themes: when one commits the irreparable (two episodes), when it suffers a bombing (two episodes also), when one is wrongfully accused, the fact of lending his body (with voices of surrogates) and the changes of life.

“We are going to revisit places, to understand from the inside what happened, experts will talk”, stated Josélito Michaud.

Monique Lépine, mother of Marc Lépine, is said in one of the hours devoted to the drama beyond repair. As for Pauline Marois, she will return for a rare time on the tragedy of which she was the victim at the time of his election, at the Métropolis, in September 2012.

“It really speaks a lot”, has advanced Josélito Michaud.

The sad events of Polytechnique (1989), Dawson College (2006) and the Mosque of Quebec (2017) will also be covered in the episodes on the attacks. Of the men who had been at Polytechnique at the time of the shooting have also been encountered by Josélito.

“I’ve always liked the various facts, and I have always loved the extraordinary in the ordinary, said the latter. I love to hear the well-known people, but I also want to give voice to the unknown. When the story is strong, no matter who wears it, it is strong. Me, my quest is always the same: to understand the human being. It is almost an obsession with me. Because in understanding the other, maybe I’ll understand me more. Each carries its batch…”

As a producer, Josélito Michaud is also working on the series “chaos”, which will possibly be rotated and is probably available in 2021 on Club illico. It must be the original idea of this series, which will follow a band of young people have been shaken by a tragedy that occurred at the concert of their idol. The texts are from Gabriel Sabourin and Geneviève Simard, and Stefan Beaudoin (“Amber Alert”, “The blue hour”) will be performing.

New book

Josélito Michaud has also taken advantage of the pause imposed by the pandemic in order to finish writing his new novel, “Three months”, which is in fact the result of his story “In my eyes to me”, which had inspired the series “Olivier”, released in 2017.

At the end of “In my eyes to me”, the main character – an alter ego of Josélito, inspired by his personal experiences and those of other people – was 18 years old and put the cap on the city. In “Three months at most”, one will find it later, much older, at a different stage of his life.

“He will be confronted with a reality which will lead him to review his life from the inside out,” said the author, who has once again tapped into his own background and romancing other parties to create this new story.

“At the beginning, it was not to be a sequel. For two years, I wanted to avoid that. But, I went along, and it’s still the same character, Olivier Dubreuil, who I heard in my head. I had the impression that he still had something to say.”

The publication of the book is planned for November, with Éditions Libre Expression. The series “Olivier” can still be viewed on HERE Tou.tv.

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