Joseph (Koh Lanta 2020) : furious, he extinguished the fire with a vengeance (and eliminate) !

Joseph (Koh Lanta 2020) : furieux, il éteint le feu par vengeance (et se fait éliminer) !

Joseph (Koh Lanta 2020) furious , he extinguished the fire with a vengeance and… is eliminated !

Episode 1 of Koh Lanta 2020 (or Koh Lanta island : island of heroes), on TF1, has been completely crazy ! There had surely never seen it since the launch of the program. But if a lot of things happened, a scene was particularly marked. Which ? The one where Joseph extinguished the fire without any pressure to take revenge for his teammates. A great first. No wonder he was eliminated at the council.

When the director of the programmes of TF1 announced the new season of Koh Lanta as “exceptional”, this was not a lie. Nothing in episode 1, viewers were treated to a lot of things and even things never before seen in the history of the show adventure.

Never seen before in Koh Lanta

It makes you a little recap : Sam has already put his teammates yellow because of its atypical behavior, the former Sara, Jessica, Moussa, Claude and Teheiura have made their grand return, Claudia was forced to abandon after medical advice and the red team has dropped the immunity challenge because of the difficulties of Ahmad to swim. The applicant has, moreover, escaped the worst this time. But the most significant moments of the launch of Koh Lanta 2020, we have mostly been offered by Joseph.

Determined to make the fire all alone, the adventurer has nothing dropped for several days, and left to show a little too bossy with her teammates of team red, which he refused help. It took three days to reach its goal. And then he thought that his act would save the council, it fell out of the top by learning that he could be eliminated. Joseph was convinced that the votes were based on merit.

A last revenge

Unfortunately, this is not always the case. The furniture company has decided to revenge with a gesture unprecedented in Koh Lanta : he filled a basin of water and extinguished the fire with, just before the council. Not very smart since he still had a chance to be saved. Joseph is therefore burned the wings and the other candidates of the red team had no qualms about eliminating it.

Ah yes, we nearly forgot : Joseph has also hidden all the bamboo needed to refuel the fire to prevent it from switching off permanently. Before leaving, he revealed his secret to his colleagues… well, almost since he gave a wrong info : “They have no merit to have the fire, they voted against the one who gives them. This is crazy these people (…) Ever in their life, they will find the bamboo, it is impossible. I gave them a false trail, I told them that they were next to the shack. I want to see the episode where they go looking around the cabin, but that, already, it is top-notch.

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