Joseph (Koh Lanta 2020) : the fire is out ? He will assume responsibility and tackle the adventurers

Joseph (Koh Lanta 2020) : le feu ├ęteint ? Il assume et tacle les aventuriers

Joseph (Koh Lanta 2020) extinguished the fire before her elimination : it assumes, and tackle the other adventurers

In three days only on the island of Koh Lanta 2020, Joseph was able to mark the spirits by lighting a fire and then off to penalize his team-mates prior to its disposal. A gesture that he assumed still today, he who does not keep good memories of Red !

Prior to its disposal, Joseph turned off the fire

This Friday 21 February, it was the return of Koh Lanta on TF1. And for the first episode of this edition of 2020, it was spoiled. In fact, in one issue we already had the right to different twists and turns so mad that unexpected. Among the most important, how not to speak of the conduct of Joseph ?

Little recap : ready to everything to show to his teammates (The Reds) that he was indispensable, Joseph has spent 3 days trying to make a fire, leaves to be unpleasant with the other adventurers. Problem, when he learned that he could eventually be eliminated, the candidate had the “right” idea to throw water on the fire that he was finally coming to light in order to annoy this little world. Worse, before leaving, he has also hidden all the bamboo needed to create a new fire.

Joseph assumes

A behaviour unprecedented in the show, but Joseph assumes perfectly today. Interviewed by Tele-Loisirs on the reason that drove him to extinguish this fire, the ex-adventurer said : “When I knew I was going to be eliminated, and that I had the formal education, I wanted to be removed by my choice and not theirs ! It is me who decides to leave. (…) I give them a reason to eliminate me. I had done enough good deeds. I do not permit it to eliminate me without a valid reason.

It is necessary to say that Joseph seems to have kept a bad memory of his team-mates on the island. The micro Purepeople this time, he also confided that his cowardice had not been slow to make a place : “The first day, I wanted to make the fire for the team, but on the second day, they begin to have suspicion on the fact that I am a liar ! It began to speak. I have received spades very violent, I have in mind that I can not even quote, but it really touched me.

Adventurers not affected by the game

According to him, if it is not necessarily the camera, many of the participants would not be honest or concerned by the adventure. With Tv-Entertainment, he was reminded of how relentless : “The other, from the first hours, they had already been heads of the turks. (…) I was not come to talk about rags, or for me to bathe, or to go watch the fish with the glasses. (…) I came to be good on the camp and on the tests. I had a goal, it was to make the fire, and after I’d taken the time to tell them if their tan they were going to or not !

It is then not surprising to learn that since his removal, Joseph has not kept any contact with them. “Honestly, I don’t care completely. I don’t know, I’ve spent 70 hours with them… I am not in contact with them and I don’t care” he said to Purepeople.

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