Journalist day in Ukraine: history and meaning of the holiday

Find out when the journalist Day is celebrated in Ukraine in 2019

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День журналиста в Украине: история и значение праздника

Journalist day in Ukraine

The day of journalists in Ukraine to 2019, celebrates its 25th anniversary since it was officially established as the feast of a quarter of a century ago.

This is the professional holiday of journalists, correspondents and reporters – all whose work is connected with the means of mass information in Ukraine, collection, processing and report most interesting, relevant and important news to the citizens of the country.

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Day of the journalist in Ukraine, was installed on 25 may 1994 in force then the first President of Ukraine Leonid Makarovich Kravchuk, who signed the Decree № 251/94.

According to the document, set a new professional holiday of workers of mass media — journalist Day.

It is noteworthy that the date of June 6 for the celebration of the Day of journalist of Ukraine was not chosen randomly. It is noted that on this day, in Brussels, the national Union of journalists of Ukraine by an overwhelming majority was accepted into the ranks of the International Federation of journalists, which is the world’s largest organization of media professionals.

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By the way, the journalist Day on 6 June is not the only date that representatives of the “fourth power” in Ukraine. In addition to this festival there is another world press freedom day celebrated on 3 may; the international day of solidarity of journalists, September 8; Day of Ukrainian press, 12 November; the Day of workers of radio, television and communication of Ukraine, on November 16.

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