Journalist of VAT interlaced: a “proof of love” and not an aggression toward the journalist

Journaliste de TVA enlacée: une «preuve d’amour» et non une agression envers la journaliste

JONQUIÈRE | The second individual who has snared against his will to a reporter from TVA at an event antimasque in Quebec city said he ” was sorry that she has received this proof of love there as an aggression.”

Sunday, Jean-Guillaume Tremblay and Jean-François Mongrain approached the journalist Kariane Bourassa to give him a hug against his will.

Met at his place of work, in the sector of Jonquière, in the Saguenay, yesterday, Mr. Tremblay did not want to like the other man and apologize.

“These are my lawyers who will clarify it. Because, agree to it, it’s going to be very enlightened and I think I am not yet enough informed “, he said, he wasn’t aware that a complaint had been formally lodged against him to the police of Quebec.

When asked about the reasons that led him to make this gesture at the event, Mr. Tremblay has been stingy with details. It has, however, argued that this was a gesture of “love” and not aggression.

“I really would have liked to be able to enlighten you, but in the immediate future, it happens to be something really ambiguous, and report the truth “, he simply said.

It was against the media

The man was clearly against the majority of the media – when the coverage of the event – have failed, according to him, ” to specify that it was against the wearing of the mask as required.

“The people who organised the gathering, they really wanted to have a nice visibility. And the reason why there has been no press conference, officially, it is that trust is eroded (sic) with the journalists “, he says.

Mr. Tremblay, who is a veteran, says they want to make an exit of the press in the near future and intends to defend itself. “You’re wearing the uniform, we represent Canadians. There are those who make mistakes, but in this case, I do not want to leave no room for any error. It is important for me, ” he argued.

He was a member of the canadian armed Forces from 2001 to 2006 and was deployed in Bosnia.

Actions ” Inexcusable “

Sylvain Chartrand, director of the advocacy Group Veterans, contends that these actions ” are inexcusable “.

“But what is even more troubling is that the canadian armed Forces are making efforts to issues of misconduct and sexual assault. These gestures are unacceptable “, said Mr. Chartrand.

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