Journalists showed the rich settlement of Roma in Transcarpathia. Video

Журналисты показали самое богатое поселение ромов на Закарпатье. Видео

Over the last 20 years, some families have managed to build palaces.In the village of Podvinogradov the Transcarpathian region there is a camp, home to some of the richest Rums. Residents here live in luxurious palaces and courtyards can be seen parked Mercedes E-class.

About the life and traditions of the Roma in those parts of the Chronicle with reference to RBC-Ukraine.

The first inhabitants took root here over 100 years ago in the most ordinary huts. However, over the last 20 years, some families have managed to build palaces and discover the rich life. They say in this area is a mixture of Ukrainian, Russian and Hungarian.

Now here you can see the gilded gates, towers, arched Windows, marble columns and stairs and courtyards – parked Mercedes E-class, Land Cruiser, BMW X5 and Mazda CX7.

59-year-old Yuri Farkosh is one of the residents of a wealthy home. He had 10 children, 44 grandchildren and 14 great-grandchildren. Together with all the relatives, his family has already grown to hundreds of people that have happy family lives in the same village.

The houses build themselves in a few years, but in recent years more and more “authority” in addressing the pressing issues in the camp takes on the Church and local elders.

Get money by fair: “we Do roofs, siding. There are experts on wood, Tinkers. Work in private homes. Here, look, I work with concrete mixer, and my people the Foundation is poured”.

Then believers do not drink and do not smoke, trying to follow all the biblical commandments. Especially the residents of the camp are proud of their granddaughters and daughters, who wear gorgeous dresses.

Among other things, the Roma have a tradition: they get married and married at 13-14 years, and by 20 years, young parents with two or three children. The husband chooses not a girl, and the parents, their decision is always respected.

According to Farkash, wedding Gypsies largely similar to Ukrainian, but there is one difference – in believing families the wedding takes place without alcohol.

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