Journalists targeted during the protests in the United States

Des journalistes visés lors des manifestations aux États-Unis

Journalists have been targeted in several cities in the United States during the protests of recent days in reaction to the death of George Floyd, by police and protesters, assaulted, arrested, or targeted by shooting.

The scene the most media coverage remains one of the arrest of the reporter of CNN Omar Jimenez, handcuffed by police officers in full direct to Minneapolis on Friday morning, before being released an hour later.

But several other incidents have taken place in the country, including at Louisville, Kentucky, where a police riot shot cartridges tear on a local tv crew that was filming.

“You shot me !” he yelled, to the antenna, Kaitlin Rust, the chain’s local WAVE 3.

In Minneapolis, a freelance journalist, Linda Tirado, received a rubber bullet to the face and indicated that they have permanently lost the use of his eye.

“The (local) authorities must order their police forces not to take to target journalists “, urged Saturday evening the Committee to protect journalists (CPJ).

Members of the media have also been attacked by protesters, such as the photographer Ian Smith, who claimed to have been beaten up in Pittsburgh before other protesters not to intervene.

In Atlanta, the headquarters of the news channel CNN was attacked on Friday by a group of dozens of people, who have sent a grenade detonating in the lobby where there were police.

Saturday morning, a reporter from the news channel Fox News that was in front of the White House was chased away by protesters, and continued on several hundred meters, before the police dispersed the attackers.

“If you’re protesters, do what you think is fair, but do we not stop to do our work for the public “, requested on Saturday the Society of professional journalists (SPJ).

The us president, Donald Trump has retweeted a message saying: “the Irony of fate, the headquarters for CNN is attacked by rioters that (the chain) is presented as noble and righteous. Oops. “

Since his election, the head of the State regularly takes to the media, accused of misrepresenting the truth, or even to fabricate false information for the purpose of harming him.

He has regularly qualified as” enemies of the people “, with a special mention to CNN, his favorite target.

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