Journey of a farmer

Parcours d’agriculteur

The harvest season is not easy for the farmers ! In addition to the lack of water linked to heat waves many, it is the shortage of labour that has most affected the season. Despite these constraints, the producers are also passionate about their craft and work harder than ever to feed Quebec. Discover the journey of one of them : Gerard Trudeau, president of the Firm Trudeau, who, at 78 years old, is still excited by his job as a farmer.

The son of a farmer, Gérard Trudeau left the family farm before the age of 20 years and went on to study at HEC Montreal and become an accountant. It is that 25 years later, in 1981, he returned to the sources, in St-Mathieu-de-Beloeil, with his faithful companion Françoise to found an innovative company in production of herbs called The herbs of our home. At the time, the herbs were little used in the kitchen and Gérard and Françoise had to work hard with recognised leaders (Jean Soulard, Sister Angèle) for consumers to incorporate them into their habits. Today, it is a fifteen varieties (thyme, coriander, tarragon, dill, sage, rosemary, cilantro, mint, basil, etc) that he cultivates with his family. Already a pioneer, Gerard Trudeau has never stopped innovating since. To provide herbs for the off-season with Quebec, he started production in the dominican Republic, and Mexico.

This evolution in the international has been widely recognised by his peers in Quebec and abroad, where he became business adviser of the president of the dominican Republic. Always on the lookout for innovation, it has also launched, in parallel, a production of the asian vegetable (bok choy, toy choy, kale, etc) and a range of pestos. Its fields, with an area of 500 acres, are beautiful. A field of swiss chard to fresh mint, passing by the three varieties of cabbage, kale, discoveries abound.

Gérard Trudeau is well proud that his sons Martin and Vincent are involved in the business since many years. The sustainability of the business is well ensured and the transmission of knowledge is well underway. He also speaks with great affection of his granddaughters and he took care of their writing two books in which he recounts his journey to entrepreneurship and the history of his family, from his childhood to today.

A mentor recognized

Professor at the École d’entrepreneurship de Beauce, mentor for 10 years to the Fondation de l’entrepreneurship, Gérard Trudeau is really appreciated by the students and entrepreneurs in which he lived. In 2012, he was named mentor of the year. Her journey inspiring, its international vision, but above all its know-how to mark students. Humble despite his considerable success, Gérard Trudeau thank life and his family that is at the heart of her accomplishments and her happiness. His motto : be attentive to the opportunities that are going in the direction of our intentions, because they will help us realize our dreams !

It re-reads often, also, the text You are the result of yourself by Pablo Neruda, author of the chilean, Nobel prize winner of literature and listen to the song Le Semeur Mario Pelchat. Words which affect the farmer, and that he also transmits to his students.

Health first

“A healthy body is the only tool that I possess to achieve my dream and reach my goals,” wrote Gérard Trudeau in his memoirs. It is therefore not surprising that the beautiful salads full of kale, of dent-de-lion, and herbs fill its menu daily. Year-round, whether it is raining or snowing, that the heat is overpowering, he is walking in the early morning. Every morning, he gets up to play the game of life, as he says so well. At 78 years old, Gerard is still very active on the farm. After all, ” old age is the continuity of the youth “, he concludes.

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